Wellness Center

Your full service, on-campus health care provider!

All students – whether full time, part time, graduate, undergraduate, resident or commuter -- may take advantage of the full range of services offered at the Wellness Center. Basic services, including healthcare visits for sick students and counseling, are covered by tuition and fees. Tests, labs and procedures beyond the basic services may incur a charge, which is applied to the student’s account. A list of fees is available at the Wellness Center front desk.

Dominican University maintains and ensures the confidentiality of all Wellness Center consultations and appointments. View our confidentiality policy.

Dominican Flu Clinic

To prepare for the flu season Dominican University will be holding flu clinics.  Flu shots are $30.

Flu Clinic dates and times: Call (708) 524-6229 for the schedule.

Health Insurance: Are You Covered?

Dominican University recommends all students be covered by adequate health insurance. As of Fall 2015, health insurance is not required and Dominican University will no longer offer a student health care plan. The Wellness Center will help undergraduate and graduate students find affordable individual healthcare plans.


Keeping the campus and YOU healthy and having access to healthcare is an essential part of a successful academic life. Now more than before many options exist for students to be insured:

  1. You can be insured on your family plan until you are 26 years old. Meet the insurance requirement by documenting your existing health insurance through our waiver process at Dominicaninsurance.com. Document your existing coverage before the first day of class each semester. Your existing plan must meet federal requirements. Once approved, this will waive the student health insurance requirement.
  2. Check out DominicanInsurance.com for individual plans.
  3. Get covered now by County Care (Cook County) or Medicaid. Individuals with annual incomes under $15,000 and that cannot afford health insurance can apply for County Care (Cook County) or Medicaid.


Information is available at Access Community Health Network (773) 247-2085 or at Cook County Health System (855) 444-1661. The Wellness Center recommends applying in person at a local Medicaid clinic.

County Care income guidelines and citizenship requirements apply.

For more information visit DominicanInsurance.com or contact the Wellness Center at (708) 524-6229 or wellness@dom.edu for a consultation on health care coverage.