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Name Job Title Office Phone Email
Anderson, Daniel Lecturer, English x6524
Ash, Jennifer Adjunct Faculty, English
Bauer-Gatsos, Sheila Assistant Professor, English, Co-Director Transitions... x6547
Born, Daniel Adjunct Faculty, English
Cook, Gilmer Assistant Professor, English x5068
Cook, Timothy Adjunct Faculty, English
Cressman, Jodi Founding Director, Center for Teaching and Learning... x5263
Davlin, Mary Clemente Professor, English x5997
Goldenstern, Joyce Adjunct Faculty, English x6997
Green, Warren Lecturer, English x6859
Greenwald, Robert English Tutor, Academic Enrichment Center, Adjunct... x6682
Heininger, Joseph Associate Professor, English x6838
Hermesdorf, Marcella Assistant Professor, English x6499
Hernandez, Michael Adjunct Faculty, English
Hseu, Jane Assistant Professor, English x6584
McManus, Ellen Professor, English, Co-Director Transitions and... x6457
McShane, Heather Adjunct Faculty, English
Ortega, Gema Lecturer, English x6978
Popowits, Jeanne Marie Adjunct Instructor, EnglishTeacher, ELS x5010
Queeney, Margaret Adjunct Faculty, English
Rankin, Shyla Adjunct InstructorEnglish x6997
Rappaport, Brett Adjunct Faculty, English Department/LAS Seminar x6997
Rohman, Chad Professor, Chair. English x6839
Sanchez, Erika Adjunct Faculty, English; Writing Tutor, Academic...
Simpson, Mary Scott Professor, English x6840
Stockdale, Jennifer Adjunct Faculty, English
Sweeney, Mickey Professor, English, Co-Director of Honors Program x6940
Sweitzer, Catherine Adjunct Faculty, English
Waters, Melissa Associate Academic Dean for Advising-Assistant... x6815