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2015 URSCI Expo 

The 2015 URSCI Expo and Global Learning Symposium will take place on Wednesday, April 8, 2015, in conjunction with the Global Learning Symposium sponsored by the Academic Enrichment Center.

Expo & Symposium Program - Overview
Expo & Symposium Program - Abstracts

What is the Global Learning Symposium?

GLS is a public opportuning for students to share experiences that have shaped their global understanding.  We welcome applications from students who have achieved those insights as international students, through studying abroad, or by working across cultural divides at home through community-based service or immigration experiences.

Global Discovery Ambassador

What is the AEC?

The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) strives to enhance the quality of formal, informal, and experiential learning for all Dominican students (both graduate and undergraduate). Through continuing programs and emerging initiatives, the center provides students with a supportive learning commons where they can step beyond the comfortable routines of the classroom and pursue a more dynamic and intentional role in shaping themselves.

A newly reconfigured center, the AEC consists of four units, each intended to encourage students to cultivate intellectual independence, imagine what sort of moral, professional, and publically engaged people they wish to become, and pursue experiences that will help them make that possible.

Literacy and Learning Resources (formerly Learning Resources) supports students’ success with a range of tutoring and academic support services. The office pursues initiatives that support writing and reading skill development and provides high achieving Dominican students the opportunity to serve as tutors. 

Career Development provides students with career advising, workshops, internship opportunities, and other strategies for making wise choices and building a rewarding life beyond their years at Dominican.

A third unit, Global and Civic Engagement , houses International Student Advising and Study Abroad and will offer students a forum to cross cultural or national boundaries, heighten their social consciousness and find the means to engage actively in political advocacy.

Research and Creativity , the unit in its earliest stage of development, will encourage students’ creative expression and provide them with opportunities for both independent scholarship and collaborative research with each other and faculty members.

The Academic Enrichment Center defines itself as a learning commons because we know that offering students deeper, more self-directed and personally meaningful educational experiences is most possible when we provide a shared environment for enthusiastic and purposeful collaborations.  We invite our students to use the center as a welcoming and informal space to discuss ideas and seek out professional and intellectual mentors. And, as we move forward, we ask all of the Dominican community – faculty and staff, students and alumni – to collaborate with us, share your ideas and hopes for the center, and help us map our pathways.


Staff of the AEC

Paul Simpson
Executive Director
(708) 524-6670

Keli Wojciechowski
Director, Career Development
(708) 524-6827

Sherri Wick
Assistant Director,
Career Development
(708) 524-6567

Sue Ponremy
Director, International Studies and Study Abroad
(708) 524-6965

Mari Callahan-Ross
Learning Disability Specialist
(708) 488-5177

Alison Healy
Office Manager, AEC
(708) 524-6783