Extraordinary efforts are underway to restore a mosaic Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine created in 1964 by two Dominican University alumnae to honor migrants who worked on farms surrounding Endeavor, Wisconsin. Sister Joeann Daley and Kathy Stagney were novice artists in their early 20s, teaching in Catholic schools in suburban Chicago, when they were recruited to spend the summer of 1964 making the mosaic shrine. It depicts a boy, Juan Diego, who claimed to encounter the Virgin Mary and blooming red roses while he was walking a path in Mexico City on a cold winter day. 

The young women created the mosaic from multi-colored shards of 7Up soda cans (green), jars of Noxzema (blue), bottles of Milk of Magnesia (pink), beer bottles (brown), and the taillights of junk cars (red). 

Father Dale Gruppa is leading an $850,000 effort to restore the shrine and rehabilitate the church and school on the property in Endeavor.  

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