Jen Jazwinski, MLIS '08, youth services librarian at Algonquin Public Library District, won almost $60,000 in her first two appearances on Jeopardy. In her third appearance, on July 12, she correctly answered the final question--ironically, about College Life--but was trailing too far behind her opponent, who racked up a $8,600 lead by capitalizing on the game's Daily Double three times. 

Jazwinski filmed her episodes without a studio audience because of the pandemic and found it difficult to keep secret the results of her rounds. She said that the community in Algonquin has been just amazing.

"To have all these people cheering me on, I've cried so many times over the past five days because I didn't expect that. It's just been really lovely," she said. 

Although she didn't get as far as she had hoped, Jazwinski referred to her experience on the game show as "so stinking fun."