In an article in the Forest Leaves (a Pioneer Press/Chicago Tribune newspaper), Glena Temple, who started as president of Dominican University on August 2, advised that she plans to help students move in to their residence halls on August 27. It's emblematic of Temple's down-to-earth style and desire to connect with students.

"For many families, it's a stressful day. When you pack up the car, your student is nervous. You get there and you think, 'now I have to move all this stuff.' But when people come out and help them and take that away, you watch the stress level just drop," she explained. 

Temple said that it's the kind of thing that helps students know her as a person, rather than just as the university president. She also plans to eat with students in the dining hall and help them navigate campus buildings and grounds.

Temple believes that Dominican has a strong leadership team and that her main duties as president are to expand the university's brand, be the school's main cheerleader to potential donors and continue and expand the work Dominican has been doing regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.. 

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