President Donna Carroll was interviewed by the Chicago Catholic about her impending retirement and legacy. She stated that she believes this is a stable time for her to leave the university to the next president.

"We have terrific rankings, a balanced budget and a very talented senior administrative team, one that has the stability and the skills to lead in a time of transition. Dominican is in a strong position to hire a next president. The last significant gift that a president should give her institution is a strong platform for succession and a smooth transition," Donna said.

When asked how, at the age of 39, she knew that Dominican was the right fit for her, she shared two stories.

"In the interview schedule, there was this 'conversation with the community' and I walked into the auditorium and every living, breathing, ambulatory member of the Rosary College community--from entry-level professionals to senior faculty to the sisters from the convent--was there. There was no pre-approved questions. I gave some opening remarks and then we just talked. We had a good, comfortable sense of getting to know one another," she said.

The other indelible incident occurred during a personal moment with the sisters in the convent. "My father died between my first and second interviews. The sisters had to reschedule my second interview because of it. I arrived on campus and we talked a bit, and then Sister Mary Woods said, 'we'd like to take a moment to pray for your father.' That sense of caring--the 'caritas' that we talk about--is sincere, deeply felt, and pervasive in the academic programs and the campus culture."

You can read the entire Chicago Catholic article here.

Photo: Donna Carroll with Cardinal Cupich during the 2017 Noche de Gala banquet when she accepted, on behalf of Dominican University, the St. John Paul II Award.