In an interview with the Wednesday Journal, conducted one week into her presidency at Dominican, Glena Temple described her role as being very different than a typical 9 to 5 job. 

"If you look at it as a job, the hours and the work can be a lot. But I love going to the athletic games of students or the fine arts performances or the art shows or research presentations, and that doesn't feel like work. That feels like the celebration of a community I care about--and that's what makes this job great!"

A first-generation college student, Temple understands the pressures many students in that situation face. 

"A lot of my passion has been making it so that students don't have to ask for help, and offering [resources] to try and take some of that 'transition energy' away," she said, adding that it's crucial to ask, 'How do you reduce the hurdle and make it seem seamless and make it seem like a positive thing to achieve those goals?"

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