How can I help?

Stop by the TAG Day table in Lewis Alcove from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Thursday, November 8! You will have an opportunity to write a thank you note to a donor, learn more about TAG Day, and receive a treat! When we are not celebrating TAG Day, remember to thank alumnae/I or other donors you meet because they are directly supporting your education.

Why are we having a “TAG (Thank A Giver) Day”?

TAG Day is an initiative to educate our community about the importance of generosity and philanthropy at Dominican. While tuition covers most of the cost of a Dominican education, it does not cover everything. In dozens of diverse ways, annual gifts provide resources that allow us to go farther each year… to seize new opportunities… to bridge gaps… to innovate boldly… to sustain the hallmarks of a Dominican liberal arts education that has been familiar and beloved by alumnae/i since our days as Rosary College.

Where do gifts come from?

Dominican receives funds from individuals (mostly alumnae/i, parents, faculty, staff, sisters, students and friends), foundations and corporations. They are asked to give through mailings, phonathon calls, emails, grant and sponsorship applications, and face-to-face visits.

Is it important that alumnae/i give?

YES! Alumnae/i participation is a factor in many national rankings. This helps to continue to build the reputation of the school and increases the value of a Dominican degree. Each year, thousands of alumnae/i make contributions to Dominican.

University Advancement
Office of Annual Giving Programs
(708) 524-6298