In April of 2020, as the spread of COVID-19 persisted, many Dominican students were increasingly at risk of not being able to return to campus to finish their studies. The Dominican University Board of Trustees created a COVID-19 Student Relief Fund to support students in jeopardy of dropping out of college. Gifts from current and former trustees, along with those from other generous donors, were placed into this fund to be used to financially assist students.

Below are words of gratitude from some of the recipients of these funds:

"Surviving COVID has been very hard. My parents were unable to work. My dad, who lost his mom at age 3 and his dad at age 7, has worked his whole life. When he was not able to work, it was very difficult for him, especially since then I had to help with the household bills. He has always been very humble and never liked asking for help, so this was very hard, as he felt helpless. It means a lot to me to be a recipient of the COVID-19 Student Relief Fund. I cannot express how thankful I am as when you are living paycheck to paycheck; any help you receive means the world."

Osvaldo A.

"Since COVID-19 began, I have not been able to work as much. I am self-employed and felt that it was too risky to work. Just when I started working again, I actually got COVID-19. I was lucky to be asymptomatic, so I did not suffer. I would not have even known I had it if I was not tested. I am fine now, but not being able to work for almost 4 months has made my situation overall very stressful. I was very fortunate to receive the COVID-19 Student Relief Fund and I am so thankful for it. Thank you so much for your generosity, which made these funds possible."

Kelly A.

"The creation of the COVID-19 Student Relief Fund by the Dominican University Board of Trustees was truly a light at the end of the tunnel for many students, including myself. It gave all of us that sense of hope that everything will work out during these times."

Patrick B.

"Surviving COVID-19 has been quite difficult.  It has been a major transition from being in school to going fully online. On top of that, my family and I could not work due to the pandemic. We recently recovered from having the virus, which was not the best experience, to say the least. When I received an email that I was a recipient for the COVID-19 Student Relief Funds, my family and I were ecstatic. It was such a feeling of relief.  My family and I would personally love to thank you for the extra help and considerable donation."

Lilianna C.

"I was one of the students that did not know if they were going to be able to afford to continue attending Dominican. I value my education, and I am grateful that these relief funds have helped me return to campus to finish my studies."

Jennyfer L.

"It has been difficult to help pay for school without my job. These funds have been such a tremendous help.  Because of your generosity, I am able to continue my education and that means so much to me. It means that I can find a way out of the hardship. Your generosity has been a bright light on a dark day, and I want to thank you so much sincerely."

Matthew B.

"COVID-19 has affected my family and me in various ways. I was sent home from Dominican and had to move all of my things out of the dorms within less than a week. I have two younger brothers and none of us could go into work. We did not know how we would pay for the rest of my semester at Dominican. My clinical hours were lost as I could not attend in-person clinical rotations and the professors had to work out a way that would guarantee we would get all our necessary hours. I feel extremely fortunate to be awarded with the COVID-19 Student Relief Fund as it truly provided tuition relief."

Abbey B.

"I was laid off from my internship mid-March and my father lost his job. Due to the coronavirus, my family went more than three months without a household income. The aid provided by the COVID-19 Student Relief Fund came at the most opportune time in my life. Because of these funds, I can complete my coursework and graduate. I know that as a graduate of Dominican University I will be able to have more employment opportunities available to me."

Alondra C.

"Thank you very much for your generosity. I am so fortunate to be part of the Dominican University community and I truly believe this community contains some of the kindest people. This funding has helped lessen the burden that accompanies paying for college. I can now direct that energy towards my studies and make the best of this unique semester."

Jenna K.

"Surviving the COVID-19 crisis has definitely taken a financial toll on my family. We have experienced hourly job cuts and we rely on the Chicago Public School free meals for lunches. I am the grateful recipient of the COVID-19 Student Relief Funds and I want to thank you for your generosity during this difficult time. Thank you for providing funds for students like me."

Vicky M.