Experience a taste of college life but without all the exams!

A summer workshop at Dominican University is the perfect way to gear up for college success, dive into an engaging topic taught by an actual Dominican faculty member and make some new friends along the way. All workshops are held from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., with a break for lunch.

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Cost per workshop: $250 (The Rising Star Teachers workshop cost is $25 – remainder of cost covered by a Title V Grant)

Workshop dates: June 18 - July 13, 2018

Fashion: An Introduction to Design and Merchandising

Tuesday-Thursday only
Gain valuable educational understanding of the fashion industry by developing your creative vision through hands-on merchandising and design projects.



June 25-29

Multi-Genre Creative Writing

Join other teen writers from the Chicagoland area to share your work, respond to writing prompts, and practice craft, just blocks from the childhood home of Ernest Hemingway. Find out just how much you can improve your writing with a week of intensive focus. Prepare for college-level writing workshops and take control of your story!

Introduction to Game Design

Monday-Thursday only
Ever wanted to create your own card game, board game, or video game? Learn the basics for designing any type of game as we cover the main ideas any game designer has to consider. By the end of the workshop, you will have designed, made, and played a game you designed!

Rising Star Teachers

Study, observe and gain insights into the teaching profession. Interact with children of different ages and interests and learn about ways to integrate technology into your teaching. The Rising Star Teachers workshop cost is $25 – the remainder of the cost is covered by a Title V Grant. 

Hands-on Neurophysiology

Focus on understanding the brain by measuring and recording nervous system function. Explore simple reflex circuits, characterize sensory systems, build the brain of a robot, and listen in on neuronal signals. All the activities are designed to improve skills in collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting scientific data.



Microbiology, Soil, and Antibiotics: A Fully Hands-On Introduction to the Science Lab

Learn about lab procedures, lab safety, and how to conduct experiments through a hands-on study of the bacteria growing in our everyday environment. Explore the biology of soil bacteria, antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, and pathogenic bacteria by analyzing soil samples from campus. Using easy-to-learn procedures, you will also screen soil bacteria for antibiotic production and conduct DNA testing to determine bacterial identity.