As a Dominican student, you will be challenged to think for yourself, be passionate about your pursuits and do your part to make the world a better place. Along the way, you will learn to transform your passions into real-world opportunities as you pursue truth, provide compassionate service, and participate in the creation of a more just and humane world. Here are some of our students:

Asad Azam '15

As one of Dominican's inaugural MB Fellows, business major Asad Azam is getting a career boost from MB Financial Bank through internships, mentoring by company executives and financial assistance.

Emily Wessell '14

Emily Wessell '14 credits landing her current position as a pediatric exercise physiologist at Loyola University Medicine to the many hands-on experiences she gained through Dominican's health science concentration.

Kate Brown '13

After visiting several universities as a community college transfer student, Kate Brown '13 chose Dominican for making her desire to pursue three majors financially possible.

Marzenka Styrczula '06 MBA '13

Marzenka Styrczula '06 MBA '13 has risen through the ranks of the Tribune Company, from intern to director of one of its most cutting edge properties, with the guidance she got from her Dominican experience.

Michel Torres '11 MSW '13

Through Dominican’s Bridge program, Michel Torres was able to complete her bachelor’s degree and MSW faster to jumpstart her career in school social work.