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Dominican Higher Education Colloquium
Weaving a Tapestry of Universal Justice
June 8-10, 2022
Presented Online

In the middle of this, we are creating resistances—I invite you, wherever you are to be your own resistance. You will have a weaving and we each take a new color to add to that tapestry of universal justice.
–Lorena Cabnal*

The Dominican charism and its four pillars of study, prayer, preaching, and community permeate all that we do from the classrooms to the athletic fields to the arts to the streets of our neighborhoods. As we move through this pandemic moment, our unique mission calls us all to respond with more compassion, more empathy, and more active engagement with systematic injustices. Join us to envision possibilities for sharing more expansive stories, reconciliation and healing through the mission of Dominican higher education.

The 2022 Dominican Higher Education Colloquium is being generously sponsored by the Dominican Higher Education Council. There is no cost of attendance. We thank the Council leadership for their vision and support.

*Lorena Cabnal is an indigenous Xinka woman from Guatemala. She is a community feminist, and the co-founder of the Association of Indigenous Women of Santa María Xalapán. Her courage to question Indigenous forms of machismo and work collaboratively with other women has raised awareness against gender violence and political inequality in the community.


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