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The School of Social Work is centered in the Sinsinawa Dominican tradition, which is committed to truth and compassionate service. We prepare professional social workers for globally-focused, family-centered practice to advocate for human rights, and social and economic justice for all persons including socially excluded populations that promotes human and community well being.


The School of Social Work aspires to be an innovative global leader in social work through inquiry-based education, ethical engagement and commitment to positive social transformation. 

Program Goals

Goal 1: Foundational Knowledge

To develop social work practitioners who understand social work knowledge, values, and skills to enhance all levels of client systems. 

Goal 2: Application

To prepare professional social work practitioners to engage in culturally sensitive practice that encourages active community participation in advancing social and economic justice. 

Goal 3: Integration

To prepare social work practitioners to integrate multidisciplinary bodies of knowledge and skills into their practice in order to empower clients.

Goal 4: Human Dimension

 To develop social work practitioners who incorporate reflective practices to enhance understanding of self and others within their diverse context. 

Goal 5: Caring

Prepare social work practitioners who embrace core social work values and ethics in service of all people with particular attention to marginalized and disenfranchised persons and communities.

Goal 6: Learning How to Learn

To prepare social workers who are life long learners committed to the growth of their own professional knowledge base, ongoing professional development, and self-growth.