Strategy: Engage key stakeholders through faculty, staff and student development programs to improve intercultural competence and address issues of trust, safety and accountability for violating community expectations
  • Position the President's Advisory Council as a voice for students and alums. Provide orientation.
  • Expand the charge of the Board Enrollment and Student Success committee to address issues of diversity and inclusion
  • Engage RF Police as partners in better understanding and eradicating racial profiling
Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI)
  • Reorganize One Process stakeholders group and staff operations to engage stakeholders in recruiting, training and managing the One Process system
  • Develop and staff training plan for a departmental (team) based intercultural competence program
  • Support development of La Plaza connected to multicultural safe spaces and identity engagement
  • Work with CEI and OIE to administer a campus climate survey
Academic Affairs
  • Support inclusive teaching academy as an ongoing faculty development program
  • Recruit, retain highly  qualified faculty and staff from underrepresented backgrounds and experiences
  • Develop speaker resources and faculty mentoring to support new faculty regarding issues of race, cultural taxation, and presumed incompetence
  • Review search protocol, develop 'sign-off' from Provost's Office to manage process and ensure accountability. Engage faculty mentoring program to support faculty of color through review, tenure, and promotion.
Student Life / Athletics
  • Increase annual diversity series beyond residence halls across campus
  • Enhance Resolution Leadership Conference for students. Build an Impact Social Justice tract into the Resolution Conference.
  • Develop diversity advocate roles for residents and commuters
  • Cultivate and expand continuing diversity dialog
Enrollment Management
  •  Integrate key components of enrollment management and financial aid to facilitate retention
Mission and Ministry
  • Convene Strategic Visioning group with Latino Visioning and Language Access work with Diversity Committee
  • Create Grief counseling and peace circle spaces for African American students