The University shall provide any individual suspected or accused of violating this policy with the opportunity to review a written explanation of the suspected or alleged violations of University policy. Complainants and respondents have rights, including:

  • The opportunity to speak on their own behalf.
  • The opportunity to request interim measures which may include but are not limited to removing a student or employee from campus; modifying course schedules; changing housing assignments; issuing a “no contact” order; providing medical, mental health or academic support services; and when requested by the complainant, notifying area Police. Any such interim steps will be taken in a manner that minimizes the burden on the complainant and respondent to the extent possible.
  • In the investigation of sexual misconduct, the prior sexual history of the complainant or the respondent will not be considered as relevant.  However, the sexual history between the complainant and respondent is relevant to the scope of the investigation.
  • The opportunity to identify witnesses who can provide information about the alleged conduct at issue.
  • The opportunity to submit other information relevant to the case.
  • The opportunity to have a trained investigation advocate from the Dominican University community (faculty/staff/student) or other advisor present for the investigation and/or resolution process. The investigation advocate from the Dominican University community will be trained in investigation protocols, advise the complainant or respondent on the proceedings, and communicate expectations about the process of investigation.
  • The opportunity to review documentation offered by the other party in support of the other party’s position, to the greatest extent possible and consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or other applicable law.
  • The right to be informed of the outcome of the investigation (to the greatest extent possible and consistent with FERPA or other applicable law).
  • The opportunity to request an appeal of the outcome of the investigation.