Dominican University provides several means by which student complaints and grievances may be addressed. In all cases, students are advised to put their complaints in writing and carefully document the events that led to the complaint or grievance. Your confidentiality will be protected within reason, but officials of the university may require access to your "educational record," which includes most of the information that the university has about you. However, most people outside the university do not have access to your educational record without your written permission.

Except in certain emergency situations, we obtain your written permission before discussing your educational record with your parents. For more information on the confidentiality of student records, see FERPA and confidentiality.

It is very important for you to be completely honest throughout the process of filing a complaint; knowingly furnishing false information to a conduct board or to a conduct review officer, or to any other University official is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Online students from out-of-state should attempt to resolve any issues or complaints with their schools.

I feel that I, or someone I know, have/has been discriminated or harassed.

Dominican University is committed to ensuring a just and humane campus wherein all community members have the capacity to thrive (Affirmation of Community Values). It is understood that the behavior of some community members may, at times, challenge the well-being of others. As such, the University has established a set of policies that identify the types of behaviors that are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. These policies address issues related to Title IX and gender, ADA and disability, race and bias, and other conduct.

To improve the university’s ability to foster a just and humane campus for all, the university community is asked to report incidents that violate university anti-discrimination and misconduct policies so that efforts can be made to end discriminatory and harassing conduct based on a protected characteristic, prevent its reoccurrence, and address its effects.

Reporting Options:

  • The incident should be reported through the One Process online system.
  • In person to: any DU employee, or to Matt Hlinak, One Process/Title IX Coordinator, Mazzuchelli North 358, (773) 612-5797.
I have a concern about a grade I, or someone I know, received in my course, the integrity of a class or an instructor in a course.

As stated in the Student Bulletin under Academic Regulations, any disagreement with regard to academic procedure, including individual cases of alleged violation of academic integrity and final grades, should be first taken up with the instructor.

  • If this does not settle the matter satisfactorily, the matter should be taken up with the department chair, if appropriate.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved at the department level, it should then be presented to the dean of the school in which the course was offered.
  • If the issue is still not resolved, the student has the right to present the issue in writing to the committee of that dean’s college or school responsible for overseeing educational policies. The committee will request a written response from the instructor and may, at its discretion, seek further clarifications from the student, instructor, and/or dean. The committee will evaluate the student’s appeal and vote to approve or deny it. A written response will be sent directly to the student presenting the appeal, including grade adjustments if appropriate, with a copy to the faculty member. 

In the event of a successful appeal of an alleged violation of academic integrity, the original letter of notification from the instructor will be expunged from the dean’s file. Students wishing to file an appeal based on fall courses must do so no later than the end of the subsequent spring semester. Students wishing to file an appeal based on spring or summer courses must do so no later than the end of the subsequent fall semester.

I feel that another student has violated the Student Code of Conduct.

An alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct can be filed by contacting the Dean of Students office, Residence Life, Security or completing the online Incident Report Form on the Dean of Students myDU page. You must be a member of the University community to complete the online form as a login is required. An Incident Report is reviewed by the Dean of Students, and his/her designee. If there is an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct a Conduct Hearing is scheduled as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (page 7 of the Student Handbook.)(pdf)

Office of the Dean of Students
(708) 524-6822

Residence Life
(708) 524-6217

Campus Safety and Security
(708) 366-2490

I disagree with the outcome of a conduct board hearing.

The procedure for appealing actions or recommendations stemming from a conduct board hearing can be found in the Student Code of Conduct.

I have a concern related to access or provisions to disability-related services.

Submit grievances related to the determination of eligibility for reasonable accommodations and/or the provision of disability-related services and/or accommodations through Student Disability Support Services. Learn how to file a grievance.

I have an issue related to technology or computing services at Dominican University.

Concerns or issues about campus computing services should be submitted to the Office of Information Technology at

I have a concern related to library services at Dominican University.

Complaints concerning the Rebecca Crown Library reference services can be submitted via email to

My concern or complaint does not fall in to the categories above.

If your concern or complaint does not fall in to the categories above:

  • Attempt to resolve the matter directly with the person against whom the complaint is directed.
  • If a resolution is not reached, submit the complaint in writing to the person’s immediate supervisor. For a faculty member, this will usually be the department chair or program director. For a staff member, it will be the administrator to whom the staff member reports. If you are unsure whom to contact, call the Dean of Students Office for advice at (708) 524-6822. A staff member in that office will investigate the matter and work with you toward a resolution of your complaint.
  • If you are not satisfied with the resolution, submit your complaint in writing to the next level supervisor (in the case of a faculty member, this will normally be a dean or associate/assistant dean in the college that the course and/or faculty member resides).

If an issue cannot be resolved by the university, you may file a complaint about Dominican University with the Illinois Board of Higher Education in compliance with U.S. Department of Education regulations. You may also contact our accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission (