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Jake Bucher is the Founding Dean for the College of Applied Social Sciences at Dominican University. After serving in the military, he earned a Master's in Criminology from the University of Memphis, and a Master's in Sociology and PhD in Sociology from Emory University. He later served as faculty at Baker University, Chair of the Criminal Justice Program, and as the Dean of the School of Professional and Graduate Studies at Baker.

His commitment to hands-on pedagogy inspired him to take students to Haiti and Morocco for community-based learning experiences. He formed innovative partnerships with a correctional facility, a senior center, and a homeless shelter to support the community while providing students with opportunities for high-impact experiential learning. He received the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Junior Faculty Teaching Award, and the Kopke Award for Distinguished Teaching as well as the award for Distinguished Scholarship at Baker University.

His research focuses on issues of social injustice and the experiences of marginalized groups in society. Dr. Bucher has published research on, among others, survivors of sexual assault, violence against undocumented migrants, and the relationship between masculinity and homophobia.

Dr. Bucher currently teaches courses on the Introduction to Sociology, Juvenile Justice, and Criminal Justice - which is delivered in the Inside-Out model at Cook County Jail.
PhD, Sociology, and Philosophy and Religion, Emory University
MA, Sociology, Emory University
MA, Criminology, University of Memphis
BA, Sociology, Baker University
Research Interests
Victimization and offending among underrepresented groups, policing, criminal justice reform, innovative pedagogy.
Selected Publications
Tabahi, Suhad and Jacob Bucher (2020). “The Social Construction of Arab Identity in America: The Historical Complicity and Modern Responsibility of Social Work”.Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, Vol. XLVII (2).
Bucher, Jacob (2014). “But He Can’t Be Gay: The Relationship between Masculinity and Homophobia in Father-Son Relationships” Journal of Men’s Studies, Vol. 22 (3).
Bucher, Jacob (2012). “Old and Young Dogs Teaching Each Other Tricks: The Importance of Developing Agency in Community Partners”. Teaching Sociology, Vol. 40 (3).
"Old and Young Dogs Teaching Each Other Tricks: The Importance of Developing Agency in Community Partners.”Teaching Sociology, Vol. 40 (3)
Bucher, Jacob (2011). “General Issue (G.I.) Strain: Applying Strain Theory to Crime among the Military”. Deviant Behavior, Vol. 32 (9).
Bucher, Jacob; Manasse, Michelle; and Beth Tarasawa (2010). “Undocumented Victims: Exploring the Victimization of Undocumented Male Migrant Workers in the South”. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol. 7 (2).


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