Anne Drougas is a Professor of Finance and Department Chair of Accounting, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
MA, University of Illinois at Chicago
BA, University of Illinois at Chicago
Research Interests 

Financial education
Financial literacy
Corporate finance and investments

Selected Publications 

Alonzi, P., Drougas, A., and Condon, D. "When The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats Differently: Income Distribution Matters” in the Journal of Applied Business and Economics (ISSN# 1499-691X), Volume 23 (3), 2021.

?Drougas, A. "Social Impact Bonds: A Response" in the Journal of Business Integration in Business. Volume 23(1): 44-47, 2020.

Bowerman, Bruce; Drougas, Anne; Duckworth, William; Froelich, Amy."Business Statistics and Analytics in Practice", 2019.

Drougas, A., Irons, R., and Razaki, K. "Exploring Accounting and Financial Controversies via an Excel Simulation Exercises" in Advances in Financial Education, Volume 3(1): 103-124, 2019.

Alonzi, L. P., Drougas, A., & Condon, D. "Distribution Matters: The Reverse Robin-Hood Macroeconomic Effects" in the Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 20(1). 2018.

Sankara, Jomo; Drougas, Anne; Lindberg, Deborah; Razaki, Khalid. "The Double Helix of Mentoring." Today's CPA, 2017

Selected Presentations 
Income Distributions Matter, Business and Economic Conference, 2018
HLC 1st Inaugural Academy Share Fare, Higher Learning Commission, 2014
The Globally Positioned Student at Dominican University, Higher Learning Commission, 2012
Successfully implementing a university-wide assessment project: Minimizing contention and maximizing cooperation, Higher Learning Commission, 2012
What does it mean to be a Globally Positioned Student, Caritas Veritas Symposium, 2011


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