My program has been canceled but can I stay in country or travel before returning home?

No. Given the rate at which the US and other countries are restricting travel, students should not delay returning to the US. We do not want students to be stranded abroad without the support and resources you will need.

When do I need to return and how should I arrange my flight?

Students should return to the US as soon as they can. Housing on AIFS programs will not be available after March 20. If your flight was purchased by an affiliate like AIFS, please work with AIFS to change your return date. You will likely need to follow the same return path of your original ticket, unless the airline has suspended that flight. If you purchased your ticket independently, contact your airline directly regarding rescheduling your flight.

Will I be screened or quarantined when I land in the US?

Federal response to the coronavirus is dynamic and regularly changing. Given that the CDC and US State Department have issued Global Level 3 Health Advisories, it’s likely students can anticipate additional screening upon entering the US. If you are showing symptoms of coronavirus, it’s also possible you may be temporarily detained or quarantined. Keep your cell phones charged and stay in communication with your families.

Upon arriving home, students returning from countries with level 3 CDC or US State Department advisories should self-quarantine for 14 days. Students returning from countries with level 1 or 2 advisories and a long international flight should also consider a 14 day quarantine at home.

I received an email that DU is suspending on campus classes and moving courses online. Does that mean I shouldn’t come to campus?

That’s correct. Out of an abundance of caution, we are moving most courses online and reducing the number of people on campus. Faculty and staff departments will still be operating and you can reach us via phone or email with any questions you may have.

What about my credits? Will I be able to complete my classes remotely?

We have been in communication with our study abroad affiliates and universities abroad, and it seems very likely students will be able to complete most of their semester coursework online. The universities we partner with are in the middle of creating pathways for all current students, including international students like you. If it is determined that it is not possible to complete one or more of your courses remotely through your host institution, we will collaborate with you, the host institution, and DU faculty to create a path to earn semester credits at Dominican. We will be in communication with you as soon as we have clarity from each host institution.

Will a refund be coming my way?

Dominican is navigating these issues at the university level, and communication will be forthcoming. If you purchased an optional excursion trip with an affiliate partner or host institution, that institution will communicate whether refund is forthcoming.

This situation is unfortunate, unexpected, and unprecedented. We are sorry this is the way your semesters abroad have to end, but your safety is our utmost concern. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me or Dean of Students Norah Collins Pienta at or (708) 524-6822.