Several students and families have questions about the possibilities for study abroad during the covid-19 pandemic. Please see our FAQ on this topic, below. Please also feel free to reach out with specific questions by contacting

I wanted to study abroad this year. Can I still apply?

Yes. Students can apply to any of our programs scheduled for this year. We will hold information sessions via Zoom and share application deadlines with students. These dates will be published on engage DU and the Study Abroad website.

If I’m accepted, does that mean I will be able to go?

Possibly. Obviously, we can’t predict the future, but we can use the information we have to make safe travel decisions in a timely manner. Dominican has scheduled decision dates by which we will determine whether students can travel on each program. The decisions will be made before any payments are due, and will be dependent upon the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory for each country.

What level U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory will allow me to travel?

Dominican allows students to travel to countries with level 1 or 2 travel advisories. Level 3 locations are only allowed with Provost’s approval, and level 4 locations are not allowed. Currently, there is a global U.S. Department of State level 4 “Do Not Travel” advisory, therefore all programs will be on hold until the global travel advisory is lifted.

When will I be informed if the program I applied to will be approved to travel?  
  • Fall semester abroad programs have been canceled
  • Winter Break programs will be decided on by September 15
  • Spring Semester programs will be decided on by October 15
  • Spring Break programs will be decided on by November 15
What if I’m approved to travel, but then U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory increases again?

If the travel advisory for a particular program increases to level 3 after the decision date, Provost’s approval will be required for travel. If the travel advisory increases to level 4, the program will be canceled. If a program is canceled before students depart, they will have to enroll in alternative coursework. If the travel advisory for a location increases to level 3 or 4 while students are abroad, Dominican will work closely with students, travel providers, and families to bring you home quickly and safely. Upon return, we will work with you to determine the most appropriate way for you to complete the credits you began while abroad.

When would my deposit be due, and is it refundable?

Deposits will be due two weeks after a program is approved to travel. Short term programs typically require a deposit of $500 while semester programs usually require a $750 deposit. If a student decides not to participate in a program after paying a deposit, the deposit is forfeited. If Dominican University determines that a program needs to be canceled more than 60 days prior to departure, we will most likely be able to refund all student deposits. At this time, deposits for semester-long programs offered through our affiliate AIFS, will be fully refunded up to the start date of the program. Students should stay up-to-date on communication from AIFS regarding any changes to their refund policy. However, if a short-term faculty-led program is canceled within 60 days of departure, it’s possible that Dominican will not be able to provide refunds. We utilize student deposits on short-term programs to make payments to third-party providers (airlines, tour guides, hotels, etc.), and our ability to refund deposits will depend on whether we are able to obtain a refund from those third parties. We always aim to refund anything we can to students when these situations occur, but students should consider this potential risk before paying the deposit. If we do have to cancel a program, we will do our best to communicate as quickly and clearly as possible regarding deposits.

If my program is canceled while I am abroad, will I get a refund?

The possibility of a refund or partial refund will depend on several factors, including whether we can collect refunds from our travel partners. We will do our best to communicate as quickly as possible with you regarding this. A prorated refund, based on the number of days in country and services rendered, may be possible. Our first priority, however, will be bringing you home safely.

If my program is canceled, will I be able to travel on another program or during another term?

If a program is canceled, we will reach out to the affected applicants to discuss possible alternatives, if any are available.

Who can I contact with more questions?

Students can reach out to Alison Healy, Director for Study Abroad, in the Office for Global Learning.