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All graduates participating in the Commencement or Candle & Rose ceremonies must wear official regalia.

Place your regalia order directly with Herff Jones by March 4.

When placing your order, you must select a pick up option:  

Option 1: Place your order by Saturday, March 4, to pick up in the Stepan Bookstore (no additional cost). Regalia can be picked up in the Stepan Bookstore starting Monday, April 10.

Option 2: Place your order by Saturday, April 1 (new extended deadline) to have your ordered delivered to your home (additional cost of $13.95)  

Regalia Prices
  • Bachelor Set Includes: Gown, Cap and Tassel - $43 plus tax  
  • Master Set Includes: Gown, Hood, Cap and Tassel - $73 plus tax  
Individual Items

If you do not need a complete set, you can stop in the Stepan Bookstore starting Monday, April 10 to purchase directly. For hours and additional information please visit the Stepan Bookstore website

Stepan Bookstore Contact Information
(708) 426-0860 

Making a Difference One Gown at a Time

Every year in America, approximately 38 million plastic bottles end up in a landfill from bottled water, not including soda. It is estimated that 80% of plastic bottles are not recycled and can take up to 700 years to begin composting. Herff Jones’ Renew graduation caps and gowns are made from 100% recycled materials.  

RENEW is known for being the best keeper-gown green offering in the industry. One Renew CustomKeeper gown saves 29 bottles from the landfill – the highest industry standard for green gowns. By choosing Renew, you are positively impacting the environment:  

  • One Renew gown saves 29 bottles from the landfill
  • Every Renew gown saves the energy equivalent of 1/2 gallon of gas  
  • Consumes 2.1 liters less drinking water  
  • Decreases the effects of global warming through 1.5lbs fewer CO2 emissions or greenhouse gas  
  • Certified as being made from 100% recycled materials  
  • Renew has a soft hand and is a lightweight polyester fabric 

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