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to build a house on a hill
Image: Udita Upadhyaya, Letters from my mother, 2022
O'Connor Art Gallery (Lewis Hall 4th Fl)

The O’Connor Gallery is pleased to present Udita Upadhyaya’s solo exhibition to build a house on a hill. Working with text and textile Udita Upadhyaya investigates her inheritance of craft and language. Engaging intimately with found and worn fabrics, Upadhyaya makes room for grief, and rage, as well as spontaneous bursts of joy. Her process ranges from slow and meditative to energetic, writing and unmaking with fervor. Her body, and its stories, are at the center of the work. Her objects are surrogate bodies, allowing themselves to be held and providing holding. She navigates loss by losing, letting herself be caught in concentric circles of confusion and longing for connection.

Curated by Jenna Richards

The O’Connor Art Gallery

The mission of the O’Connor Art Gallery is to present the Dominican University academic community with timely, relevant and focused contemporary art exhibitions that foster critical and thoughtful dialogue across disciplines. Located in Lewis Hall, steps from many of the art department’s studios and classrooms, the gallery is particularly accessible to art students as a space for intimate engagement and reflection.

For information contact: Jenna Richards, Director at
Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 10 – 6, Saturday, 11 – 4, Free and open to all

About the Artist

Udita Upadhyaya is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and birthworker. Her work spans live art, devised theatre, performative photographs, sculpture, installation, video, writing, text, and fiber arts. She works with the principles of Vipassana meditation to uncover the trajectories of desire, shame and their many intersections. Upadhyaya’s practice is rooted in wisdom of the body and is built by asking piercing questions, deep listening, and in pursuit of intimacy and connection. She often works collaboratively, tapping into her training in filmmaking and market research. Upadhyaya’s works gently invite audiences to witness, reflect, participate, and consensually co-create. Her artistic explorations include a study of global cultures and an uncovering of personal and collective histories, both ignited by the passion to transcend cultural, social and gender binaries. Recently, Upadhyaya has performed and exhibited work at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Smart Museum of Art, Hyde Park Art Center, Villa Teresa Decorative Arts Museum, and Links Hall. Her artist book of scores, nevernotmusic, was acquired by the Joan Flash Artist Book Collection, and University of Chicago’s Rare Books Collection, among others. She also has an MFA in studio art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she has since lectured.