Dear Class of 2020,

Your fellow alumnae/i are particularly impressed with you—your perseverance, your hard work, your determination—through these uncertain times. An entire community of 31,000+ alumnae/i is standing alongside you. Below you will find more than a few messages of encouragement from them to you. Thank you for being a wonderful reminder of the Dominican spirit.

In Caritas et Veritas,
The Office of Alumnae/i Relations
Vimla ’13, Sararose ’17 and Brad


"Dear Graduates of the Class of 2020,

CONGRATULATIONS! None of us, and especially none of YOU will ever forget your last semester at DU or the way you received your diploma. I am praying for you, that your job and grad school searches are so blessed! Count on this support DAILY!”
Sister Melissa ’59

“Hello Class of 2020! Congrats on graduation! I know that it seems weird not to be walking in Candle and Rose and across Lund Auditorium, but I want you to know that you have still accomplished so much in your time at Dominican. You've built so many memories, whether it was staying up late rehearsing or studying in the library, or just talking until sunset in the dorms. The people you've met have impacted your lives in so many ways, and you have done the same to them. Continue to stay inquisitive about the world around you, and keep connected to your DU family. All the best in your future endeavors! #soproudlydominican.”
Ardella ’01, MBA ’04

“Congrats to the Class of 2020! You guys did it. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. College isn't the easiest but you got it done. Best believe the best is yet to come, don't give up.”
Julia ’15

“Congrats on your graduation! While this isn't a typical end of the year, don't let that lessen the pride in what you have accomplished at DU! Celebrate your achievements, and go out in the world and show them what DU Stars are made of! WAY TO GO CLASS OF 2020!!!”
Kathleen ’08, MAT ’17

“Congratulations Class of 2020! The circumstances did not allow for a proper ceremony but this does not mean your accomplishments are any less important. It is an incredible achievement to graduate and begin your journeys into the career paths you chose. Never forget the beauty of education and the marvelous things you have learned. Take them everywhere you go and remember, you are all Stars! Congratulations again and I wish you all the best of luck!”
Jaylen ’19

“Congratulations on achieving your degree from Rosary. I am an alumna (’62) wishing you many blessings and strength during this difficult time. Things will get better and you will have developed great strength."
Donna ’62

“Things may seem a bit bleak right now but the most important thing to remember, that despite the Chaos of the World YOU Successfully held Yours together and made it through. We Are Proud Of YOU!  Blessings for A Beautiful Special Day!”
Kathleen ’79

“I regret you cannot celebrate your education at Dominican in the usual manner and in the usual time frame, but you will have that education with you for the rest of your lives, and it and the people who helped you get it will be the source of many memories as you grow and build upon your last years at Dominican.” 
Margaret ’56

“Congrats! YOU DID IT!!! Now go set the world on fire!” 
Sharon ’82

“Congrats Class of 2020 on this momentous achievement! Your resilience and ability to rise above the challenges set before you will be instrumental as you go forth into the world. Keep being a light to others. Never forget Caritas and Veritas.”
Sarah ’14

“Hi, Graduates! So sorry COVID-19 ruined the biggest ceremony of your life! On the bright side, it's a bittersweet feeling to be finally done with school. If you plan on moving forward with your education, it just gets more real from here! I graduated a semester early in December and had to wait until May for commencement, so I kind of understand how much it sucks to have to wait months until you can actually walk the stage. We are so thankful that DU was able to reschedule commencement! Not many schools have a plan like this yet. Congrats again and best wishes!”
Patricia ’18

“Graduates, you made it, regardless of the strangest past few months we have all been living through! Congratulations on completing a very special milestone! Some of you may be seeking any type of graduate school or ready for the workforce. Never give up because a program put you on the waitlist or you were denied a job or spot in a graduate program. Successful people do not always get every offer and that's okay! Keep trying and continue to challenge yourselves to become even more successful and never settle for less because it may be easier or others think it is the right path to follow. Do what makes you happy and try to make an impact on your community, no matter how big or small you think it may be. Good luck and congratulations again!”
Adela ’17

“Congrats! Your hard work and perseverance have paid off. You got the degree. You're going to continue to be a Star & shine all over the place. You go, Glen coco.”
Danielle ’19

“Congratulations Graduates!

What a great accomplishment whether it be undergrad or graduate level!  Best of luck in your new endeavors!  It is a hard time to be starting out but Dominican has given you the tools you need.  My prayers are that you achieve success in your lives!  So happy to have you as a fellow alum and part of the Alumnae/i Association!   Congratulations!!!”
Mary ’68

“Congratulations! You did it! How time goes by so fast. I hope you realize the privilege you have to finish your education, but most importantly the journey you went through to finish your education at Dominican University. I hope you can celebrate the accomplishments you have made in the best of ways and thank those who have helped you throughout your journey. You are important. You are amazing. You will do many things in life. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. I hope I have the privilege of meeting you all and seeing the changes you make for the greater good. Congratulations. You have earned it. Now take that nap, watch Netflix, spend time with your loved ones, adopt a kitten or puppy, take a moment of silence, and never forget that you are part of my family—the Dominican family”
Andrea ’16

“When I graduated from Rosary in 1971, it truly was with many mixed emotions, but it was one of the happiest/saddest days of my life.  I had no job, the world was struggling with the Vietnam war, my then-fiancé had just been drafted, and I was leaving so many good friends and a place that I had come to think of as home.

Guess what? I got a job, the war ended and my fiancé made it home safely.  We have 3 children and 6 grandchildren and life has been more than fair to us.

Life as we once knew it is now gone.  The world seems to be in turmoil and you are the hope of the future.  You will do an amazing job.  The world will be a better place because you and your classmates are in charge.

Good luck to you.  Be strong. Dominican women and men are educated to be strong, compassionate leaders.  Hold on to your faith.  I believe that ultimately that's what gets us through.

Be safe, stay well, God bless you"
Margaret ’71

“Dear students and soon to be alumnae/i of Dominican University, Class of 2020,

You are on the brink of monumental change in your life and the lives of every person on the planet.  It may be that you are uncertain, worried, anxious, but you can turn that negative energy into positive thoughts and behavior that will motivate you to bring about the kind of change that will benefit your fellow human beings to better meet their common human needs.  Carpe diem and congratulations!"
Ann ’60

“You worked hard over the past years. You deserve all the joy today brings. Even though you can't wear your cap and gown today. It is only a symbol of what you accomplished. You graduated. YOU DiD IT!!!”
Margaret ’93

“Congratulations on your graduation!  These final months of your college years have been nothing like what you visualized but that does not diminish the achievements of the Class of 2020. You will use this terrible time to become even better, stronger individuals who will use your gifts and talents to help make the world a better place! Stay strong and have the amazing future you all deserve!”
Mary, MAEA ’95 

“Congratulations on such a long journey that may have felt even longer given the current circumstances of this pandemic. For many, this journey continues into graduate school, and for others, the journey continues onto finding your first job out of college. Regardless, everyone's journey continues so don't lose focus on what your long term goal is. There is no timeline for success nor is there only one way to achieve your goals. Every road you take is unique to YOUR life and you will achieve your dreams no matter how long it takes. Stay true to your love for knowledge and truth that Dominican has shown you and you'll find the beauty in every step of your journey. I send my best wishes to the class of 2020! A milestone very well earned and achieved.”
Federico ’19

“Wishing you all the best as you move forward into the next chapter of your lives. Things are a bit different for you than former graduating classes. The important part is to remember the hard work you have done to get this far. The same determination will get you far in the future. Good luck to you always!”
Mary Jean ’77

“I am sending thoughts and prayers to you.  Never give up, sometimes things are hardest just before they turn around.”
Sheliah ’79

“Congratulations! Sorry you missed the regular celebration but you have what matters. I hope you have a good life and do wonderful things.”
Mary Helen ’68

“Dear Class of 2020.  I just wanted to say how proud I am of all of you for persevering during these scary, goofy, difficult times. But know that what you have can NEVER be taken from you. Go out and make a difference! I am a graduate of the Class of 2019 and graduated at age 70!! That's perseverance too!”
Linda ’19

“50 years ago this month my classmates and I gathered near Cloister Walk for the Candle & Rose ceremony we had been planning & hoping for four long & life-changing years. That morning we laughed and cried as we enacted that great Dominican ritual. A few days later we crossed the stage in the Auditorium, switched our tassels, and gazed out toward a world torn by the Vietnam War, an insecure job market, and a society that believed women in pantsuits were somehow dangerous.

Your prospects, in the turmoil of this pandemic, may seem even more dire than ours did. But you have what we had: a solid education, gained by hard work & the ability to test your ideas & energy in a community rooted in Caritas, Veritas; the experience of rigor & generosity in learning, and a sense that your ideas & hard work could change the world.

So, my darling Dominican Class of 2020, I pass to you the Candle that has burned in my heart since I first stepped on the Rosary campus. And I will hold each one of you, a beautiful Rose, in my heart!  Go forth in peace, & strength. The world needs you!”
Bridget ’70

“Congratulations! Times are difficult now, but just remember how hard you worked to get here! Best of luck in the future!”
Melissa ’17

“Congratulations to the Class of 2020. For those who have worked on campus, a special thank you for all you have done to support Dominican and to keep our offices and departments running smoothly. Good luck in your future endeavors.”
Ange ’96

“Your memories of Dominican began the day that you arrived as a freshman. All of the days that have passed since that time are your most important memories of your college days!  The roommate stories, the professor memories, the dances, and casual parties will last far longer than one day...namely Graduation. Do hold dear to those!  They are the most important and will be part of your soul going forward!”
Kathy ’71

“Congrats Class of 2020! The best is yet to come! I wish you all well in your future endeavors!”
Cheran ’11

“Look back on this time as one of personal and professional development. You have overcome challenges unknown to any other graduating class, and you are resilient in spite of them. Congrats to you all on this tremendous accomplishment!”
Jennifer ’06

“Congratulations to the Class of 2020!  You have accomplished the first of many goals in your future. As you continue to plan ahead and reach for new heights, remember to relish the moments along the way. I wish the best in your endeavors.”
Tina ’90

“Congratulations on your graduation from DU! So sorry about the deprivations of this past season, but you have much to remember from your four years.  I was one of the Chicago area kids from a low-income family who was blessed to be educated there. Biggest gift ever! The values and virtues of my teachers have nourished and informed me all my long life. May you cherish the gift of it too. All the blessings to you!”
Carolyn ’63

“Congratulations on your achievements! Wishing you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. God bless!”
Isabell ’13

“Dear Very Young and Brave Professionals,

Your professional student classification changed. From now on you are a licensed professional through a degree that tells everyone looking at your resume that you paid your dues of the entry-level of many professions, that you are persistent, and that you know how to learn.

And learning is what it is all about. If you can turn your experience into a lifelong learning a skill, I can assure you that you will have success at anything you do. Performing is about learning and for example competing is about out learning others,

Industries change more than ever, you must learn every day. If Warren Buffet can read 5 newspapers a day, you must be able to read at least 1, keep updated with your industry and be able to have a vision of where the industry is going.

Only with vision, you will be able to make a difference or identify the best opportunities, only with Vision, you'll become a leader if this is what you strive for. Or at least you'll know early if you need to jump the ship.

Therefore, and resuming, learn, learn, learn. Continue making it your skill set's building block and make sure you find the skill set's magic key.

And what is it? The magic key is a passion for what you do. Find it. Don't get the best paying job starting. Get the one that takes you there. Once there you add the dots: Learning about something you have passion for and creating a skill set in an industry where you can become a visionary. Success will come along just keep on the road and find time for a beer or two once in a while”
Klaus ’98, MBA ’00
DU Soccer ’94–'98

“Dear Class of 2020 graduates. Congratulations on a job well done and know-how we regret the cancellation of your graduation ceremony. Know that we rejoice in your success and that you will remain in the prayers of Sinsinawa Dominicans during the coming years. And we pray every day!”
Sister Pat ’68

“Happy Graduation! Your commencement in Sept. will feel that much more special—hang in there and best of luck in new endeavors!”
Sarah ’04, MSW ’09

“Blessings to you on your Graduation. May God continue to watch over you and help you in your new careers. You've worked really hard to get to this point in your life. Doors will open and remember the friends you made at Dominican are your friends for life. Best wishes to you.”
Lori ’85

“Congratulations Class of 2020! While the world looks different than any of us expected. What you have learned at Dominican will help you navigate our new normal. Good luck!!!”
Shoshana ’18

“Congratulations!!!  My heart goes out to all of you during these strange times. You worked so hard to get to this point and although graduation may not be as you expected, you will have one of the most unique memories and stories to share. You should be so proud of all your accomplishments. From a fellow Dominican alum, you are all rockstars!”
Alana ’09

“Congratulations Class of 2020! Wishing you the best on your next journey in life. *Special shout-out to Delia Gallegos. You did it!*”
Magdalena ’10

“Besides your loved ones and classmates supporting and thinking of you, you have the WHOLE WORLD doing the same. Congratulations on making it to the day that you have been working for your whole life and congrats on making history at the finish line! GO STARS!”
Bonnie ’19

“Congratulations Class of 2020! You did it! I know it was not easy and these are unconventional times, but you can do anything you set your mind to! So proud of you!”
Karen ’15

“You did it! You graduated from college and earned a degree! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment and milestone! Stage or no stage, no one can take that away from you!”
Anita ’14

“Class of 2020,

My sincere congratulations on your achieving the first of many milestones in your life. The world we live in is full of both sad and happy events. With the education you received at Dominican University, you can make a difference. With the valuable tools you received, you will be the DIFFERENCE. You can make it a beautiful world God meant it to be.”
Maria, MALS ’62

“Dear Class of 2020,

I know this isn't what you imagined, but one thing I do know is you have resilience and creativity, two things you will need as you face the times ahead. Life will always throw you curve balls. It's how you react to them that defines who you are. You come from a long line of DU graduates, and we're all proud of you and your achievements. You got this! Congratulations and best wishes for a bright future.”
Karen ’87

“Success in life is about resilience, not just knowledge and dreams. You were resilient in getting into college and now graduating from college. COVID-19 was your most recent challenge. You met that challenge too and hopefully stayed positive during this trying time.

Keep up the good work of resilience, but never forget that we can't do it alone, and some members of society need more help and support than others.  BE THE HELPER. Change lives with love. You will never stop growing and becoming a better human being. Congratulations!”
Monica ’06

“Congratulations to each in the Class of 2020. The world is waiting for you to share your gifts and goodness. Blessings as you journey in life."
Joellen ’65

“Dear First-Generation College Grads,

I am so incredibly proud of you! I know that this isn't the way you envisioned closing out years of extraordinary hard work, but the number of doors that are about to open for you far outweigh anything you had envisioned. Your families are so proud of you! You are going down in history as the FIRST. Que orgullo. You overcame so many obstacles, navigated unknown territory, and did it all while carrying your family with you every step of the way! This is only the beginning. Don't be afraid to go after that dream job!”
Cynthia ’14, MSPED ’16

“Dear Graduates,

Congratulations on this major milestone in your life. Your experiences at Dominican University are capped with COVID-19 and all the upheaval that it has caused in your life. May Caritas and Veritas, and Flexibility, be yours as you move forward in making the world a better place! 

I send you Peace and All Good!”
Mary Kay ’66

“Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment of graduating from Dominican University and obtaining your academic degree. You have shown discipline, perseverance, and ambition. Even though your graduation plans have had to change because of COVID-19, your future is no less bright. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.”
Gloria ’83

“Congratulations to the Class of 2020! It was a rough end to your semester, but you have made it this far! Wishing you success in life and never get discouraged. Blessings and good luck!!!”
Llaned ’19

“Congratulations and best wishes during this difficult time. Go forward humbly and proud of your accomplishments!”
David ’75

“Congratulations! I have so much respect for all of you who had to manage the stress of finishing senior year during a global pandemic. The events your class was deprived of is unfair, but know that your accomplishments are no less important. You should all be incredibly proud of yourselves!”
Ellen ’17

“Congratulations Esmeralda Mariscal! I am proud of your accomplishments. You have a bright future ahead! Love you, Mija!!!”
Llaned ’19

“I know this isn't what you envisioned, but you've got this! You already have more resilience and adaptivity than you know, and you enter the world head and shoulders above those who came before you.”
Christine ’17

“Congratulations, graduates! Till you have a chance to attend a proper Graduation ceremony, hang in there, look to the future with hope and confidence, and remember "this too shall pass". All the best.”
Ellen ’93

“Congratulations on your outstanding achievement! Blessings on your future endeavors and may you achieve success in all the plethora of opportunities that will come your way.”
Loretta ’19

“Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Go show the world what it means to live each day with Caritas and Veritas. We are so proud of you.”
Melissa ’17


You did it! You've conquered this challenge, now go conquer the world! May God bless you today and always!"
Sally ’12

“May God's blessings rain down on you, as you follow your dreams to a new path in life.  Dominican has given you the "tools", put them to work for a better world!”
Jeri ’58

“You will ___________________ and you will smile again. Only you can fill in the blank. We're with you!
Rosemary ’71

“Congratulations, graduates! I am sorry for the delay in celebrating your achievement through the traditional ceremonies. Please know that we alumnae/i applaud you and welcome you into our ranks. My class celebrated our 40th reunion last June. We have now been alumnae/i for 10 times as long as we were classmates, and we continue to connect with one another and our alma mater regularly. I wish that continued connection of Caritas and Veritas for you, too.”
Hilary ’79

“Class of 2020,

May you recognize the hard work, dedication, and determination as you look back on your journey. No one can ever take your education from you. Hold it proudly - and close to your heart. It is a privilege to stand by YOU! So proudly Dominican.”
Maggie ’10 


As you go forward from here, your lives will open and turn in ways you could never imagine. Your years at DU have prepared you for all the challenges & victories that life will bring. Accept them with faith, confidence, Caritas & Veritas. God bless you”
Mary Ann ’71

“This is a challenging but exciting time to graduate. There are endless possibilities for you even though it might not seem like it. Be creative and curious and soon you will land where you want to land. Remember to laugh and find joy in even the most horrible of times. Someday you will see those laugh lines in the mirror and say to yourself-"I earned every one of them and I had a good time getting them". Be proud and happy!”
Mary ’79

“Congratulations on your major accomplishments (pun intended)!

I know this is a  confounding time. Remember that your accomplishment of graduating from college will be with you forever. Right now you aren't getting the accolades you so richly deserve, but this too shall pass and it will make a great story for your kids someday. All the best to you!

Carpe Diem!”
Megan ’82

“Congratulations!  Your future is bright in this journey of life.”
Margaret ’71

“God Bless you, 2020 graduates! You will have amazing memories and lots of stories to tell your children someday! You will be stronger for what you have journeyed through during this pandemic! Congratulations to all! Stay strong!”
Nancy ’62

“Congratulations on taking the next step in your future. Graduating college was a huge accomplishment for me and I am so proud of all of you! Your hard work and determination have paid off, I wish nothing but great things for you all! #Classof2020"
Crystal ’15

“Dear Graduates,

Congratulations to all of you upon earning your degrees at Dominican. With the knowledge, wisdom, and mission of service that Dominican has offered you, please be assured you will be able to embrace life's challenges with courage.”
Mary ’62

“You are amazing!  Celebrate your success and go out in the world and make a difference!  We are so incredibly proud of your accomplishments.” 
Patricia ’78, MBA ’90

“May you embody the mission of DU throughout your life, and know you've earned your quality education. We celebrate you and your achievements! Know that you always have resources and fellowship in the members of the DU community. Congratulations and God bless.”
Erin ’05

“Words of wisdom I learned. as life went along...

Trust yourself. Ask for what you want. Make it happen. Take a risk. Later is now. Pursue your goals one step at a time. Go forth and be confident."
Nancy ’65

“As you walk across this stage today, you begin to walk the world's stage every day after. Be proud of everything you've accomplished. We're all celebrating with you. Happy Commencement Class of 2020!”
Jeffrey ’17

“Congratulations to the Dominican University Class of 2020! This has been a year of surprising events. These historic times, though, have increased your ability to adapt and to overcome. Your newfound resilience will serve you well as you step into a future that is filled with unknowns. Use your gifts and talents, all that God has given you, to be a source of positive change in the world.”
Janice ’77

“Dear Graduate, on this eve of the completion of your studies, I think of you and send you these simple words of encouragement and comfort in these challenging times:  'Everything in leadership boils down to judgment; the key-defining characteristic of a leader. Judgment reveals the poor leaders, the good leaders, and the superb leaders. A person can possess a high IQ but still lack judgment. Intelligence does not always equal wisdom.' Lt. General Harold G. Moore "Leadership in War and Peace"

You will be a leader, by virtue of your education and that it was a Dominican education. Be ready. Jump into life, and hang on to it with all your vigor. I recall with great emotion and love the Candle and Rose and graduation in 1973. It was the culmination of a period of exceptional personal hardship. Forty-seven years later, I do not regret and always have valued the gift given to me at Rosary.”
Mary Frances ’73

“Welcome New Alumnae/i,

Congratulations on your well-earned accomplishments. Graduating from college is an amazing experience but graduating from Dominican is exhilarating. As your moments on campus become warm memories, I assure you those memories only become richer as the years pass. You're forever part of a beautiful legacy. Be great.”
Vanessa ’03

“Congratulations on your hard-earned graduation!

We are counting on you to create the 'best new normal' based on DU's platform of Caritas et Veritas. Be Relentlessly Optimistic"
Sheila ’84

“Hey, Class of 2020, you all are amazing rock stars. I mean, in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic you all stood with unshakable confidence and fixed focus and made it to the finish line successfully. With such rock-solid assurance, all of you are more than conquerors. Well done and step up to your higher calling. Congrats and best wishes in all your endeavors.”
Vi ’19

“Congratulations on your big day! Graduation might not look the way you anticipated... But your achievements remain just as big. No one can take away the knowledge, relationships, or experiences you've gained along your journey. Enjoy your success and stay healthy!”
Ariana ’16

“Congratulations on your achievement!  Dominican has provided you with great tools to succeed in your future pursuits and to lead a life of Caritas Veritas. The bond we share as alumnae/i is great. The bond you have with your fellow 2020 graduates will be particularly strong given the circumstances. Go forth and prosper!”
Tony ’82

“To the graduating class of 2020, I am so proud of you and your resilience. You have achieved your academic goals and are now ready to share your years of Caritas et Veritas with the rest of the world. You will forever be in my heart. The class of 2020 will never be forgotten.”
Judy ’18

“Congratulations to the Dominican University Class of 2020! I know this graduation season isn't what you dreamt about for all these years. I'm sure, you were also looking forward to other exciting and uniquely Dominican traditions including the senior toast and Candle and Rose. But if I have learned one thing in the years since I graduated, it's that this is just the first book in a wonderful series that chronicles your life. Yes, this book may be coming to a close, and without the anticipated fanfare.

But not every book ends the way you anticipate or want. Sometimes, you are left with a cliffhanger, not knowing what will come next, what surprise will be waiting on the next page. For many of you, this is one of those times- and it won't be the only one. There will be times when you have no visible path forward but you will have to trudge on into the unknown anyway. There will be times when you have too many paths and you will have to choose which ones to follow and which ones to pass over. 

"So what?" you might say. "You had a real graduation."

Yes. And so do you.

Graduation is not the act of putting on a cap and gown. Graduation is not walking across a stage, shaking a hand, accepting your diploma, or turning your tassel. These activities are just that- motions that are undertaken as part of a tradition that symbolizes graduation. The word "symbolizes" is especially important here because graduation is the PROCESS by which someone achieves a new level of GROWTH. And yes, I capitalized on process and growth on purpose. Remember these words because they represent the truest meaning of graduation.

You will graduate many more times in your life- and not just from formal education. Some of you will graduate when you move out on your own, get your own health insurance, or sign the lease of your first car. Some of you will graduate when you are hired for a new job, when you receive a promotion, when you decide to switch careers, when you complete a new training program or decide to go back to school. Many of you will graduate when you form new relationships- both platonic and romantic- and when you expand your family circle whether that's through the addition of new friends, new siblings, new animal companions, or new generations. You will continue to graduate throughout your life as your goals, dreams, experiences, and reactions help shape who you are.

But also, like many folks during this unprecedented time, not all of your graduations will be celebratory. You may be let go from a job, passed over for a promotion, or have to say goodbye to something you love be it a dream, a home, a friend, relative, and even the person you once were. Goodbyes are some of the most challenging of graduations. But they are also the graduations that will teach us how to best appreciate what we have, where we have come from, what we have gone through, and what we have still yet to accomplish.  

Short version: graduation and celebration are different concepts. You may mourn the loss of your celebration at this moment and at this time. But you will celebrate. Maybe not by walking across a physical stage, but you will definitely mark this new stage in your life. Enjoy the celebration that you do have, even if it seems small or insignificant because you deserve to celebrate now matter how big or small- one graduation at a time.

And remember, no one can take away your graduation but you, because graduation is the process of growth. And so long as you continue to grow, you will continue to graduate.

Now: go celebrate in your own style. Need ideas? Indulge in a favorite treat. Host a zoom party. Strut down the street to Pomp and Circumstance wearing your cap and gown-and- your mask of choice. Play Vitamin C's Graduation song on repeat or a cool tune you and your friends really enjoyed. Call your friends and set up video chat dates or exchange pen pal information. Buy a 2020 balloon. Eat cake (if you like it). And know that your graduation will be uniquely yours.

Congrats again. You got this.”
Kelly ’12

“I can remember the thrill and excitement of each of my graduations over the years. Relief and great joy! You will have something special to tell your children and grandchildren that is very unique! Something that none of us ever experienced!”
Sister Michael Ellen Carling, O.P., MALS ’68 

“CONGRATS CLASS OF 2020!!! Welcome to the alumnae/i community. It is a little different this year but you all deserve recognition for your hard work!”
Irma ’19

“Congratulations Class of 2020!

If you're wondering how the last four years went so fast, you should see how quickly the rest of life flies by. Enjoy this moment. Just remember that like college, all things that are worth it take time and effort. Continue to follow your dreams.”
Paula ’08

“Keep the faith. Congratulations on this big accomplishment.”
Gonzalo ’02, MSOL ’06

“Congratulations, Class of 2020, on the completion of your college work. Well done!  Hopefully, you will get to whoop it up in September. Stay positive and keep a sense of humor—those two things help a lot throughout life.”
Lynn ’68

“Congrats on achieving one of your goals to this point. Keep creating and reaching future goals! Take time to enjoy this one!! Congrats Class of 2020!!”
Willis ’92, MBA ’94

“Congratulations Class of 2020! We are proud of you!"
Monica ’91

“Congratulations class of 2020! Go and do great things. You are a part of history!”
Susan ’17

“Although my own graduation from the then Rosary College was now almost 51 years ago, I remember how special that day was for me. I am so sorry that the ceremonial aspect of this day is not present for you at this time. However, your accomplishments still stand and reflect you as a person. 

Know that all of the Dominican/Rosary grads before you are proud of what you have achieved. "Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in." (Hillary Clinton)”
Gail ’69

“Hello, Class of 2020!

These sure are "interesting times"! The world is changing—and already has changed—in ways none of us could have imagined, even just a few years ago. You are entering the world and the workforce at a time of much uncertainty. You might be wondering where you will find your place in it. If you find yourselves feeling concerned about how it will all wash out, remember this: There *is* a place for you. The world needs *you*—*your* knowledge, *your* skills, *your* integrity, *your* ingenuity and resourcefulness. No one else can make the mark that is yours to make.

Be bold. Be flexible. Be imaginative. Dare to follow your heart. Dare to let your intuition lead the way—even if you can't quite explain. Keep learning! Stay open to seeing the world in new ways. Stay open to doing things in ways you haven't considered before. Rather than try to fit yourself into the world that is, think of the kind of world you want to live in. Then, as Star Trek's Captain Picard would say, "Make it so."

Be willing to ask for and accept help along the way. Even so, "This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man" (Wm. Shakespeare).

Go. Do. Dream. Fly. I, for one, will be cheering you on and awaiting with all eagerness the new world that you will create. Congratulations on what you have achieved so far, and all best wishes for what is yet to come.”
Kathy ’00

“Congratulations and many blessings!! I know it’s not the way you envisioned your senior year, but it will certainly be one to remember. Don't focus so much on the now, think about the impact you will have on our future. Your ideas, innovations, and creativity are what we will need to persevere. God has created you for a greater purpose.  Get ready to live them out.

As my company president has stated, calm over chaos, faith over fear... you got this!"
Sonja, MBA ’04 

“Class of 2020, Congratulations on your significant accomplishment and welcome to the lifelong connection as a Dominican University graduate. The life long support, networking link, and imprint you have is genuine and will grow with you for life. You have done well. We care about you and salute you and all those who helped you reach this 'star.'”
Maureen ’69, MBA ’84 & Michael MBA ’81

“Best wishes to all the members of the Dominican University Class of 2020. While the last part of your degree experience may not have been what you were expecting, know that Dominican has been a major part of developing your knowledge, skills, and values that will serve you well throughout your life—no matter what life has in store.”
Karen ’67

“Congratulations! Although your commencement ceremony has been postponed, rejoice in your accomplishments and in knowing you have graduated from a wonderful university! May God bless you, and grant you endless opportunities to share your special gifts with the world. Be proud, be Dominican!”
Laura, MLIS ’15 

“Class of 2020 congratulations on your big achievement. Know that through these challenging times your family and friends are with you. Wishing you the best for your future endeavors!”
Lucia ’14

“Hey graduate there is a world out there, A New Beginning for all of you. I live At Fellowship Square, Phoenix, Arizona: Independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing care. I am happy here. My life began with teaching Kindergarten, having four children, moving to Scottsdale, and later to Phoenix, Arizona. I've had a full and happy life and you will too. Congratulations.”
Barbara ’57

“As you graduate and go out into the world, know that your Dominican education has prepared you to contribute in all amazing ways you can't yet imagine! Congratulations!!”
Kaye ’66

“To all new graduates of Dominican University,

I wish you all the very best, as each of you go forth and begin a new chapter in your lives. May God give each of you the blessings of Love, Happiness, Generosity, and Success!”
Keith ’90

“Congratulations. Like many of you, I did not know what the future might be like after graduating from Dominican. Because of my degree in Library and Information Science, I became the Library Director in two places I never imagined living: Gold Beach, OR, and Ruidoso, NM. Embrace the adventure.”
Corey ’08

“Class of 2020, you did it!!! Your hard work and dedication have paid off. Sí se puede! Congratulations Class of 2020”
Vanessa ’18

“It's with great pleasure to wish you congratulations on a day you shall remember for the rest of your life. You endured the greatest challenge during this pandemic but u made it, great job so now u know nothing can hold u back. Great job to all of the graduates of 2020.”
Gladys ’05

“Be excited and thrilled to graduate in these unusual times!  You can change the world. Believe in yourself always and work hard to realize your goals and your dreams."
Carmeline ’59

Jocelyn ’19

“Happy Graduation, it's certainly challenging not to have your special day celebrated in the usual way as you expected. You did it though, it was all you. The papers, the presentations, the books, the backaches from sitting at the computer. I remember.  Graduation is an honor you well deserve. Maybe It isn't the way you wanted it to be and you can promise yourself that you and your besties and the people who have been there for you through this journey will have one incredible party to celebrate you just as soon as it's safe. God bless you as you move on to do something amazing with your life.”
Nancy ’99

“Congratulations on your graduation in these unusual times!  What stories you will have when you come to class reunions!  And you will have to rely on Plan B in the future. You are well prepared.”
Marilyn ’62  

“Congratulations and best wishes for a happy and successful future. You are well prepared and I am sure you will be able to accomplish your goals very soon. Best of luck and God Bless!”
Mary, MALS ’84 

“Congratulations! So proud of you! Watch out world, here come our next GREAT leaders. Sassy and fierce! Rebecca Miranda Love ya to the moon and back!”
Luz ’91

“A new world opens before you. What kind of eyes do you see it with today?  May your vision grow clearer and deeper and wider with more and more awareness that all is love, God's love, God Who is all in all. May that Love direct you infallibly to be the person God calls you to be, to "do" the love that your education at Dominican has prepared you for, to shine like the star in God's world that you are in God's world. Peace to you always.”
Sister Maureen, MALS ’74 

“Congratulations fellow alumnae/i! A lot has happened in the world and the new normal is very different, now. These past few weeks have been a powerful reminder of just how connected we are to one another and how our choices today determine our options tomorrow. Work on your resilience, flexibility, and keep advancing during these times. Most of all, keep the Caritas Veritas spirit. You will do well!”
Ramiro ’89

“Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Cherish the memories you have made, the people you have met, and the excellent education you have received. Graduation is a very important day, but these will sustain you for a lifetime. Cheers to a bright future!”
Russina ’81

“Congratulations on your great achievement! May God bless you on your journey through life and bring you much happiness, love, and joy!"
Michal ’75

“You may have missed out on all the senior activities... But you will always be a fellow star!  Congratulations and best of luck!!”
Yvette ’03

“Congratulations Class of 2020, you did it!”
Caroline ’18, MLIS ’20

“Dear Grads of 2020,

You graduate into a strangely unsettling world, but you leave Dominican with the knowledge, values, and (hopefully) wisdom to make that world a better place. I pray for each of you, may Caritas and Veritas be the hallmarks of your journey and strengthen you on the way as those ideals have graced so many of us...”
Sister Mary ’52

“Congratulations on your momentous achievement! Be proud of yourself for this accomplishment, especially under these conditions. If you can do this, you can do anything!”
Michelle, MLIS ’87

“May you always live in the spirit of "Caritas, Veritas"—"Love " and "Truth" and have a very happy life”
Maureen ’54

“All the hard work you had done in school was built with hope, faith and purpose. Be hopeful, be grateful and have a great, unique, special, lovely, and Beautiful graduation...”
Alma ’14

“You are the young voices and new hopeful energy to help heal our world. May all you have learned at Dominican give you the courage and audacity to love deeply in all your endeavors in the future. I believe you will make a difference no matter where you go or what your life's work will be.  You will always carry the Caritas/Veritas motto in your hearts. Dream big, knowing the Good Shepherd will always be at your side.

Class of 2020, Congratulations and Blessings Always!”
Joanne ’69

“Dear Class of 2020,

This is a day that is always remembered anyway, but in the context of the constraints imposed by the pandemic, it becomes even more momentous. Having recently celebrated my 50th reunion I am imagining the memories you will share In what seems like that far distant future.

More than anything, we realize what matters...the community we formed and the principles of Caritas and Veritas that guided and informed our lives.

Take this same gift from Dominican University out into the world, however that world looks today and evolves in your future, and your life will have meaning when you look back on it.

Sending you all love and congratulations!”
Camille ’69

“Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure! ”
Darlene ’96

“Big congratulations in a time of pandemic!  You are unique in your timing. We are happy for you!”
Rita ’52, MALS ’74

“Congratulations to all of you on your accomplishments. You took on the unknown and pushed through every obstacle to achieve your dreams. One piece of advice that I have for all of you is to not let the flame that is your will ever be extinguished. Continue to take on every challenge as all of you have proved that you can. Take this time to be proud of everything you have accomplished.”
Patrick ’19

“Greetings pandemic graduates. This is an unusual way to celebrate such an important milestone in your life. What remains the same though is that you've worked hard to accomplish what you have and the world is waiting for the energy and good works you have to offer. Congratulations and blessings.”
Anna Marie ’49

“In 1780, Abigail Adams wrote a letter to her 12-year-old son John Quincy Adams. In it, she wrote, "Great necessities call out great virtues. When a mind is raised and animated by scenes that engage the Heart, then those qualities which would otherwise lay dormant, wake into Life, and form the Character of the Hero and the Statesman."

I'm sure you're feeling a lot of mixed emotions about what you're unable to do, especially the typical celebrations planned for this time.  It's okay to feel that way. 

As unideal and abnormal as this situation is, it provides a great opportunity for you to exercise virtues that build up great character.

May this time give you the opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments, and the character you developed in achieving them.  As you look back, may you be filled with gratitude for all of it, and cherish those memories and accomplishments for the rest of your life.  Know that nothing, not even a pernicious virus, can take that away from you, as well as what's deep down inside of you that truly matters most.

As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said on April 24, 2005, 'Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed. Each of us is loved. Each of us is necessary.' Rejoice that God loves you and has created you for a purpose, calling you to fulfill His purposes in your life.”
Paul ’16

“Congratulations on your hard work and this accomplishment! September is right around the corner and we will celebrate together then!!”
Pemba ’19

“Dear Graduates,

You have achieved a distinction that I hold very dear. You have graduated from Dominican University, an accomplishment highly regarded throughout the world. Dominican University graduates not only have received an outstanding education; they also received the moral compass that will direct them throughout their lives. That compass is Truth and Charity, the two most important virtues that form you. If you live by what is Right and with actions that are from the heart, you will always be successful. You will never be ashamed of your actions if you work hard, do the best you can and consider truth and charity as your wings. God Bless all of you, you are on your way with a strong foundation and of course, that moral compass."
Susan ’68

“The brightness of your achievement as a 2020 graduate of Dominican University cannot be dimmed by the current pandemic!  You have overcome many obstacles to get where you are today, no matter the route you took to get to and through Dominican, and I am proud of you!  All the best as you face your future confidently, knowing that you are unique among all classes which have preceded you!  God bless you on your journey and may you look back on the memories made during your university "career" with much fondness!  Congratulations and "Bonne Chance" (which means Good Luck—I was a French major, after all!)”
Kate ’75, MBA ’83

“This may have been a different type of celebration and not what you may have wanted or expected, but the accomplishment is still real. You made it and your future is still bright. Congratulations. I salute you all. Grow stronger and save and protect our future. I believe in you all.
Loretta ’75

“Dear Dominican Graduate,

It is with heartfelt joy I send You best wishes and congratulations! Your Dominican experience in prayer, study, community, and truth will sustain and carry you on towards 'setting the world on fire with your passion'.

God bless you on your journey and may your days bring joy and hope"
Jeannine ’84, MBA ’99

“We welcome you to the ranks of Rosary/Dominican alumnae/i!  We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and congratulate you on overcoming any and all obstacles, especially in 2020, to complete your degree work. You have proven your abilities and courage in many ways.

Enjoy your success!"
Helen ’63

“My Rosary College experience was first and foremost for a lifetime. I left home in Washington DC at age 17 and arrived in Illinois; flying for the first time in my life. The young woman excited about the adventure awaiting her found friends that are still as close today as they were then. My Dominican University adventure started in 1971. I was a graduate of the class of 1975. Wishing the class of 2020 happiness and success!”
Denise ’75

“Stay strong. The world needs you to help it get back on its feet. When I graduated from Rosary, I later joined the women's rights, civil rights, anti-war, and environmental movements. We made changes. Help restore those changes. With good thoughts for a bright future.”
Margaret ’61

“Congrats 2020!

Alums quietly watched your progress and are very, very proud of you. Stand with us and together we will have the back of future classes. We know these are uncertain times for you but when your opportunity comes, take it! Best wishes for the future, Stars!”
Donna ’68

"Dear Class of 2020,

As both an alumna (proud member of the class of 1979) and a Dominican Sister, I send you assurance of our prayers as you embark on this new chapter of your lives. As the famous Dominican mystic, Meister Eckhart, would say:  "And suddenly you know:  It's time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings."  May blessings abound!!"
Sister Peggy ’79

"Dear Graduate,

This year feels different and I know it's hard not walking across that stage. I did it twice, first in 1981 and again after earning my Master's in Special Education in 2003. This year, I am retiring from teaching after 28 years. Rosary and now Dominican University is truly a special place and will stay in your heart long after your Graduation date is passed. Congratulations on all your hard work!  Now go out and make a difference!"
Kathleen ’81, MSPED ’03

"Graduates of Class of 2020,

It seems only yesterday that I was graduating and having the traditional Candle and Roses ceremony in the quad and all the many other special events going on. The Graduation ceremony was such a special day- the cap and gown, the Professors on the stage, and loved ones in the audience so proud of you. You are missing that important milestone, but you are not missing all the special things about you, and your education has helped mold who you are now, and how hard you worked to get to this point. The pride of your family is there as is the pride of the Dominican University community, past and present. Blessings to you on your journey ahead, I know you are armed with the knowledge, pride, and integrity it takes to succeed. Be brave and you can do anything!"
Mary Eileen ’68

"You have received the most priceless gift of a Dominican education. Cherish it in these difficult days and know you can rely on it for all the days to come. Congratulations!"
Kim ’65

"Blessings to the most special DU Graduating Class of 2020! May the very unique circumstances surrounding your entrance as adult contributors to the global community open exciting new opportunities for you and new possibilities for the entire world. And above all, praise and thank God and be happy! Congratulations graduates!"
Joann ’77

"Congratulations, you are officially a DU graduate! I also want to welcome you to the DU alumnae/i family. We are all virtually celebrating your accomplishment. While these past few months have been difficult, you have proven adaptability and perseverance which are skills for workplace success. More than ever, our society needs people like you to make a difference. Don't let difficult times discourage you from your future goals. Your support system is here to help."
Johanna ’02

"Congratulations! You're an important part of the Dominican tradition and we're so proud of you! I know you'll do great things. Best of luck!"
Korin ’89

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

All the best!”
Claudia, MLIS ’08

Congratulations to all the seniors! You'll remember your Dominican days (I almost said Rosary days) for years to come, and all the awesome relationships you've made! Cherish the memories and the good times! The years go by very swiftly! Your futures are so bright! God bless you all!
Lillian ’70

"I love you Paulina! Congratulations on passing your exam and getting your Master's!! You are an inspiration!"
Ivonn ’19

"Know that what you have learned at Dominican will carry you through your whole life. In my experience, the organization skills and the religious aspect have given me a foundation for all that I do. Maintain a positive attitude and trust in the Lord. Best wishes!"
Margaret MALIS ’85

Stef ’15

"Not only are you all getting your degrees, but you also overcame so much more than anticipated (a global pandemic). Regardless of the difficulties and setbacks this year threw at you, you will finish strong! Congratulations, graduates of DU 2020! Go Stars!"
Angelica ’21

"Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment. I still feel my excitement when I graduated more than 40 years ago! I still treasure the education I received at Rosary. Now go on to do wonderful things!"
Sue ’78

Congratulations! You will be graduating—even though it is in September. Your graduation will be a beautiful occasion. God's blessings upon you...
Patricia ’47