When you crossed the graduation stage, you were automatically welcomed into the Alumnae/i Association! It is now important to redefine what being a part of the Alumnae/i Association means. Not only will the Alumnae/i Association continue to offer the traditional benefits, but the Office of Alumnae/i Relations is excited to announce the creation of the Alumnae/i Activities Board.

What is the Activities Board and what do they do?

The Activities Board is a group of dedicated alumnae/i volunteers from across all class years who plan and execute events and programs for alumnae/i. The Activities Board looks toward
the guidance of the Alumnae/i Leadership Council on strategic initiatives for all alumnae/i. This model is a true peer to peer network, because who better to create alumnae/i events than alums themselves?

What is the time commitment for Board Members?

Put simply, that is up to you. There are three annual meetings A-Board Members are expected to attend. Outside of those meetings, the A-Board Members will determine how much time to
dedicate to each project to ensure its success. If there is a program or event that a Board member is particularly passionate about, they are encouraged to:

  • Consider hosting an event or gathering
  • Moderating a panel or discussion
  • Creating communication in partnership with Alumnae/i Relations staff
How do I become an Activities Board Member?

Submit the survey form here and Alumnae/i Relations Staff will get in touch with you! We are thrilled to have you involved!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at alumni@dom.edu or 708-524-6286. We are excited to hear from you!