For course descriptions, please refer to the University Bulletin.

Required Courses

IM 701 Information in Society, Organizations, and Cultures (hybrid/weekend format)
IM 703 Information Architecture (hybrid/weekend format)
IM 704 Data Structures and Representation
IM 720 Data Analytics for Information Professionals
IM 760 Human Computer Interaction
LIS 750 Information Storage and Retrieval (hybrid/weekend format)
LIS 751 Database Management (on-campus format)
LIS 755 Information Policy (online format)
LIS 791 Organizational and Multicultural Communication (online format)


The remaining three (more if 1.5-credit courses are selected) courses will be chosen from among the following options, and may be grouped into a specialty area:

IM 780 Introduction to Information Security (Cybersecurity)
IM 783 Organizational Informational Security (Cybersecurity)
IM 785 Information Privacy (Cybersecurity)
GSB 735 Forecasting (Analytics, on-campus format)
GSB 786 Predictive Analytics (Analytics, on-campus format)
GSB 787 Data Mining and Data Warehousing (Analytics)
LIS 889 Digital Curation (Digital Content Management, hybrid/on-campus format)
LIS 845 Data Librarianship
LIS 882 Metadata for Digital Resources (Digital Content Management, online or on-campus format)
LIS 749 Crisis Informatics
LIS 758 Community Informatics
LIS 886 Records and Information Management (Digital Content Management, online format)
LIS 880 Knowledge Management (online format)
LIS 769 Research Methods (on-campus format)
LIS 737 Library and Data Management Systems
LIS 754 Systems Analysis and Design (Web Design, online format)
LIS 805 Digital Content Creation (Digital Content Management)
LIS 752 Networks
LIS 753 Internet Fundamentals and Design (Web Design, online, hybrid, or on-campus format)
LIS 759 Digital Libraries (hybrid/weekend format)
LIS 768 Social Media and Emerging Technologies (Web Design, on-campus format)
LIS 786 Advanced Web Design (Web Design, online format)
LIS 884 Big Data and Competitive Intelligence (Analytics, hybrid/weekend format)
IM 799 Practicum
IM 801 Independent Study

Enrolled students may register for up to six semester hours of graduate credit in other disciplines at Dominican University, which may be applied as electives toward the MSIM degree. Such courses require approval from the SOIS dean, upon recommendation by the student's advisor. Undergraduate courses may be included; however, a plan for additional work must be submitted for approval by the dean of SOIS. All required courses for the MSIM must be completed prior to registration for courses in other disciplines or the undergraduate program.