As a high school teacher, you'll help guide your students to find their true potential.

Dominican University offers secondary education students state-approved programs in biology, chemistry, English, mathematics and social science. In each area you’ll be prepared for licensure with coursework in three areas:

  • General studies in a core curriculum to ensure that you have a solid foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Studies in the academic major of your choice
  • Foundation courses and field experience to prepare you for your clinical practice as a student teacher

The undergraduate elementary, secondary and kindergarten-to-12th-grade teacher education programs have four basic elements:

  1. General education competency studies ensures that candidates have completed general studies courses and experiences in the liberal arts and sciences and have developed theoretical and practical knowledge.
  2. An academic major selected from one of the university’s departments ensures that candidates attain competence in the academic content that they plan to teach.
  3. Professional and pedagogical studies ensure that candidates acquire and apply the professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills to become competent to work with all students.
  4. Clinical and field experiences ensure that candidates learn to integrate general knowledge, academic content and professional knowledge to create excellent learning experiences for all children and young people.

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