A candidate may begin the program at either Dominican University or at The John Marshall Law School. In either case, the required first-year curriculum of law study must be taken at John Marshall with no MBA courses taken simultaneously. After the first-year curriculum is completed, the student may take law and MBA course work concurrently.

A candidate for the MBA degree will normally need to complete 14 to 20 courses. The total number depends on the candidate’s undergraduate coursework, academic performance and GMAT test score, which may result in the waiver of up to six foundation courses. Foundation courses required for degree programs may be waived if students have successfully completed equivalent course work at another accredited institution as part of their previous studies. In order to be eligible for waivers, students must have achieved a grade of B or better in an equivalent three-credit course. Waivers for GSB 611 Economics for Managers and GSB 612 Financial Accounting each require completion of two courses (six credits) of appropriate undergraduate course work with a grade of B or better in each course.

Original transcripts are required for consideration of waivers. Transcripts will be reviewed for waivers at the time of admission, but final approval of waivers may be withheld for students accepted provisionally until full acceptance is granted. In addition to course waivers, students who have successfully completed relevant course work at another accredited graduate program may request to have two courses (maximum of six credits) transferred and applied toward degree requirements.

The following Dominican MBA courses are acceptable as electives toward the John Marshall JD degree. No more than nine semester hours will be accepted in transfer. 

  • Economics of the Firm
  • Management Information Systems
  • Business Ethics and Society 
  • Leading People and Organizations
  • Operations Management for Competitiveness
  • Investment Analysis 
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing
  • New Product Marketing
  • Strategic Management 

The following John Marshall courses are acceptable as electives toward the Dominican University MBA degree. No more than nine semester hours will be accepted in transfer. Official John Marshall transcripts must be submitted to the School of Business in order to authorize transfers. 

  • Administrative Law
  • Agency and Unincorporated Business Entities
  • Antitrust Law
  • Business Franchise Law
  • Business Planning and Drafting Seminar
  • Contracts I
  • Contracts II
  • Corporations
  • Debtor-Creditor Relations
  • Environmental Law
  • Estates and Trusts
  • Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law
  • International Business Transactions
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Labor Law
  • Property I
  • Property II
  • Public International Law
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Sales Transactions
  • Securities Regulation
  • Taxation of Corporations, Corporate Transactions and Shareholders
  • Unfair Competition and Trade Regulations