Students with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)-accredited BSW program will be able to complete the MBA/MSW dual degree in two years as a full-time advanced standing student, and those without a BSW will be required to complete the dual program in three years as a full-time student. Students will complete 40 to 46 credit hours in Brennan School of Business and 48 hours in the School of Social Work.

A candidate for the MBA degree will normally need to complete 14 to 20 courses. The total number depends on the candidate’s undergraduate coursework, academic performance and GMAT test score, which may result in the waiver of up to six foundation courses. Foundation courses required for degree programs may be waived if students have successfully completed equivalent course work at another accredited institution as part of their previous studies. In order to be eligible for waivers, students must have achieved a grade of B or better in an equivalent three-credit course. 

Original transcripts are required for consideration of waivers. Transcripts will be reviewed for waivers at the time of admission, but final approval of waivers may be withheld for students accepted provisionally until full acceptance is granted. In addition to course waivers, students who have successfully completed relevant course work at another accredited graduate program may request to have two courses (maximum of six credits) transferred and applied toward degree requirements.