Graduate students in the School of Education must complete the following requirements before they can graduate and be recommended for licensure. 

Licensure Requirements

To be recommended for Illinois State Board of Education licensure, candidates must complete an approved program, pass the required state tests and demonstrate the professional knowledge, skills and dispositions identified by the School of Education. The candidate must also meet any other requirements specified by the Illinois State Board of Education. In some cases the Illinois State Board of Education may enact new rules or legislation that results in changes in licensure requirements. Should changes occur the School of Education is bound to adhere to the new regulations. As a result, candidates may be required to meet new requirements other than those that were identified in the viewbook, online or other School of Education publications at the time they began their program of study at Dominican.

Illinois State Board of Education Tests for Licensure

The Illinois State Board of Education requires that all teacher candidates pass the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) and the content tests for their specific area of licensure. These tests are computer based. Registration materials and information about the tests are available online.