Upon admission to the university, the first step for moving forward in the teacher education program is submission of a completed teacher education program application following the steps below.

Criteria for Admission
  • Pass EDUC 200/220 (or equivalent course) with a grade of C or better
  • Achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
  • Meet the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) test score requirements:
  • Be free of a felony sex or drug conviction.
  • Complete the FBI and State of Illinois Fingerprint and Background Check Process.
  • Elementary education candidates must complete the Chicago Public School (CPS)Registration form. Please follow the steps outlined in the CPS Field Experience Guide (pdf). You will receive an email Approval Notice from CPS. Please save that email and know that when you do field experience at a CPS school, you may need to show your Approval Notice to the school. Please upload a screenshot of the CPS Approval Notice at the spot indicated on the online application. If you have any questions about your application, please email Monica Halloran.
Application Process

Set up a licensure account at the Illinois State Board of Education website to obtain an Illinois Educator Identification Number (IEIN).

  • Obtain a copy of the test page from your licensure account to show that you have passed the TAP or that your ACT or SAT was accepted by ISBE. 
  • Request that your scores be sent to ISBE in a sealed envelope directly from ACT or SAT. If requesting an ACT Plus Writing score report use ACT code 3001 when ordering. If requesting an SAT score use SAT code 6773 when ordering.
  • Check your ELIS account to verify that your ACT/SAT score report has been acceoted in lieu of TAP. Please upload a screenshot of this page in the spot indicated on your online application.
  • Complete the Teacher Education Program Online Application. When you are finished with the application, a copy will be sent to your email for your records.
Upon Submission of your Application

Following review of your application, you will be notified when you are accepted into the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Once accepted, you become a candidate for licensure and will receive a formal letter of acceptance via U.S. mail from the Dominican University School of Education. After receiving notification of your acceptance into TEP, you should complete a Declaration of Major form which can be obtained from the Undergraduate Advising Office. Students may register for or take no more than three professional education courses (including EDUC 200/220 or equivalent course) until they have been formally accepted into the TEP.

Continuation in the Teacher Education Program

The following criteria are required in order to continue as a candidate in the Teacher Education Program:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.75, as well as a GPA of 2.75 in professional education courses and in courses presented for the major
  • A minimum grade of C in all courses presented for licensure (see the Teacher Education Program Manual for a complete list of courses)
  • Acceptable dispositions ratings

A candidate who does not meet the above requirements is subject to the School of Education’s candidate intervention/remediation process. As part of that process, candidates and their advisors will develop an intervention/remediation plan for the candidate. The plan is designed to support candidates in addressing the criteria above that are not satisfied. If the plan is not successfully met, the candidate may be withdrawn from the program.

Admission to Clinical Practice

Clinical practice is the culminating experience of the licensure program. Teacher candidates must apply to the School of Education and be formally accepted for clinical practice. Acceptance into clinical practice is determined on the basis of the candidate’s written application and the criteria listed below.

The criteria for acceptance are:

  • Evidence that all education courses up to clinical practice will be completed prior to the beginning of the clinical practice semester
  • Minimum grade of C in all courses presented for licensure
  • Evidence of a passing score on the appropriate state content test by the time of application
  • Documentation that 100 clock hours of field experience will be completed no later than the semester prior to clinical practice
  • Cumulative education and major GPA of 2.75
  • Approval of the candidate’s education advisor, and for secondary candidates, the academic advisor
  • Dominican University background check
  • Successful completion of the Student Teaching Application

These criteria must be met by the time of application to clinical practice, which is the beginning of the semester prior to clinical practice.