Dominican University offers a state-approved program for students seeking a K–12 endorsement in Visual Arts or Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, Italian). The program of study is similar to the program for secondary endorsement. Methods classes focus on preparation to teach in the range of grades from K-12. Clinical practice (student teaching) takes place in both elementary and secondary classrooms.

Required curriculum for K-12 Endorsement
  • Foundations of Education
  • History and Philosophy of American Education
  • Integrating Technology Into the Curriculum
  • Education in a Diverse Society
  • Survey of Exceptional Youth
  • Educational Psychology
  • Assessment
  • Content Area Reading
  • Instructional Strategies in Teaching (for a specific discipline)
  • Clinical Practice, Secondary
  • Clinical Practice Seminar, Secondary
  • Candidates may receive credit from another institution for one, but not both, of the educational foundations courses (History and Philosophy of Education or Educational Psychology).
  • 32 semester hours are required in a given field to teach a major.