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The BSN and RN-BSN program curricula are designed to ensure student achievement of the following program learning goals.

Program Learning Goal 1

Diversity: Demonstrate professional practice that holds the inherent worth and dignity of individuals, families, and communities, sensitive to their diverse spiritual and cultural needs.

Program Learning Goal 2

Critical Thinking: Synthesize knowledge from the humanities, natural, and social sciences, and nursing as the foundation for critical thinking and decision making.

Program Learning Goal 3

Communication: Employ effective communication skills throughout the scope of professional practice.

Program Learning Goal 4

Technology: Utilize evolving technology to promote quality patient outcomes.

Program Learning Goal 5

Nursing Process ans Safe Patient Care: Uses the nursing process to provide consistent, safe, competent patient-centered care.

Program Learning Goal 6

Healthcare Environment: Consider the complex economic legal, political, and ethical issues affecting the delivery of care in the global and dynamic health care environment.

Program Learning Goal 7

Professional Nursing Practice: Assumes responsibility and accountability for professional nursing practice.

Program Learning Goal 8

Leadership: Demonstrate the beginning leadership abilities as a member of an interdisciplinary health care team.

Program Learning Goal 9

Research and Evidence-Based Practice: Evaluate and integrate research that supports evidence-based nursing practice.

Program Learning Goal 10

Lifelong Learner: Demonstrates intellectual inquiry and a commitment to lifelong learning.