Education coursework including field and clinical experiences (53 hours)

  • SEDU 302 Introduction to Special Education
  • ECED 303 Child, Family and Community Relations
  • EDUC 320 Educational Psychology
  • EDUC 373 Methods and Materials for Teaching Reading and Writing in the

Elementary Classroom

  • EDUC 376 Methods and Materials for Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary


  • EDUC 411 Methods & Materials for Teaching ESL
  • EDUC 413 Assessment of English Language Learners
  • EDUC 416 Foundations of Language Minority Education
  • SEDU 322 Exceptional Students: Characteristics and the Special Education


  • SEDU 356 Collaboration and Adaptation in General Education Settings
  • SEDU 359 Managing Challenging Behavior
  • SEDU 360 Psychoeducational Diagnosis
  • SEDU 370 Planning and Assessment in Special Education
  • SEDU 372 Academic Methods for Middle and Secondary Students with Disabilities
  • SEDU 374 Curriculum and Methods for Students with Moderate to Severe


  • SEDU 376 Academic Methods for Early childhood-Elementary Level Students with


  • SEDU 378 Internship in Special Education
  • SEDU 401 Clinical Practice Seminar in Special Education
  • SEDU 402 Clinical Practice in Special Education
Optional Courses

The following optional courses provide first- and second-year students additional support in meeting academic requirements for the program:

  • EDUC 090 Skill Building for Academic Proficiency: Professional Educators I
  • EDUC 091 Skill Building for Academic Proficiency: Professional Educators II
Core Content Coursework

The following core content courses are required:

  • EDUC 364/ENGL 264 Children’s Literature
  • HIST 201 A History of Globalization (including a one-hour course intensification that covers the history, geography, economics and political theory of Illinois)
  • MATH 165 Foundations of Mathematics for the Elementary Teacher
  • POSC 170 American Government
  • NSC 106 Integrated Principles of Physics, Chemistry, & Astronomy
  • NSC 107 Integrated Principles in the Earth, Biological, & Environmental Sciences
  • Candidates are strongly encouraged to take SEDU 465 and 466, Sign Language I & II
Additional Requirements

All courses for the major, including core content courses, must be completed with a grade of C or higher.