The following courses are required for completion of the major; courses are three semester hours unless otherwise indicated.

ECED 300 Child Growth and Development
ECED 301 History and Philosophy of Early Childhood Special Education
ECED 304 Family and Culture
ECED 387 Linguistics and Language Development for Young Children
ECED 390 Teaching Early Childhood Social Studies (2)
ECED 391 Literacy Development in Early Childhood
ECED 392 Teaching Early Childhood Creative Arts (2)
ECED 393 Theory and Pedagogy of Play (2)
ECED 394 Teaching Early Childhood Math and Science
ECED 395 Teaching Early Childhood Physical Education, Health and Safety (2)
ECED 399 Intensive Field Experience (1)
ECED 431 Assessment of Young Language Learners 
ECED 494 Clinical Practice in Early Childhood Education (10)
ECED 495 Clinical Practice Seminar in Early Childhood Education (2)
EDUC 411 Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language
EDUC 416 Foundations of Language in Minority Education
SEDU 322 Exceptional Students
SEDU 356 Collaboration and Adaptation in General Education Settings

Students are also required to take the following:

  • Three sciences courses; one from each science content area: life science, physical science, and earth and space science. One of the three courses must contain a required laboratory section.
  • Two social science courses: American Government and A History of Globalization