Courses are three-semester hours of credit.

ECED 387 Linguistics and Language Development for Young Children

A study of typical and atypical speech and language acquisition and development of young children. This course provides a foundation for understanding linguistics and learning theory specific to ESL and Bilingualism. Course includes 20 field hours.

EDUC 416 Foundations of Language Minority Education

Candidates focus on the historical, philosophical, political, social, and scientific issues that have contributed to public policy regarding educational services for English Language Learners.

ECED 431 Assessment of Young Language Learners

This course addresses specific assessment techniques for use with all young children (birth through 2nd grade). Issues, challenges, and techniques in the assessment of English Language Learners and Bilingual students will be examined through the use of a full range of assessments from standardized tests to authentic assessment methodology which are tailored to accurately measure the academic proficiency of diverse learners. Course includes 20 field hours.

EDUC 411 Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language

Candidates will implement effective instructional methods for teaching English as a Second Language, content area methods that focus on students’ academic language, and curriculum design. Course includes 25 field hours

ECED 304 Family and Culture

Apply strategies grounded in research-based methods to develop the requisite professional skills and dispositions to work cooperatively with diverse families; and provide both leadership and advocacy for all young children, their families, community and the early childhood profession. A bioecological lens will be used to conceptualize both culture and context with a focus on individuals who are LEP, ELL and Bilingual. Course includes 20 field hours.

ECED 391 Literacy Development in Early Childhood

A focus on the developmentally appropriate instructional methods and materials for teaching literacy in diverse and inclusive early childhood settings, including those which contain students whose native language is not English. Course includes 20 field hours.