Teaching young children is one of the most inspiring ways to earn a living. This program will prepare you to join a dynamic growth area in the teaching profession—and to make a lasting difference in children’s lives.

Prepare to teach children from infancy to age 8

In small classes and amazing field experiences, you’ll work closely with the outstanding faculty of our School of Education. You’ll learn to challenge and support children who learn in different ways, examine the most advanced teaching techniques and technologies, and explore the unique needs of learners at the start of life. Dominican is an acknowledged leader in early childhood education. This program fully meets the licensure requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education, and will prepare you for a successful career as a teacher of young children in all public and private schools in the state. We also offer a non-licensure track for students who are not seeking to become licensed teachers but want to pursue careers in education, social services and other fields.

More ways to grow—on campus and beyond

Practical, hands-on experience is built into our curriculum. You’ll get into the field early and often, engaging children and teachers and gaining real-world exposure to a variety of educational approaches and philosophies. As a senior, you’ll spend a semester teaching in an early childhood education setting ranging from prekindergarten to second grade. Along the way, you’ll have the guidance and support of your professors.. You will enter the teaching profession with the full set of knowledge and skills you’ll need to advance the development of young children in caring and effective ways. And the Goedert Center for Early Childhood Education is a unique asset for students in this major.

In addition to pursuing licensure, you can earn one or more of the following credentials:

With these credentials, you’ll be highly marketable in an increasingly diverse society.

Applying to Teacher Education

Upon admission to the university, the first step for moving forward in the teacher education program is submission of a completed teacher education program application. To learn more, visit Applying to Teacher Education.

Gisella Torres

Early Childhood Education Graduate

“Dominican really helped me to step outside of my comfort zone. The faculty and the entire campus community opened doors for me and supported me as I worked to grow, intellectually, personally and even spiritually.”

Prepare for meaningful work in a vital profession

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job openings for early childhood education teachers will increase by 10% by 2026. The past decade has seen significant growth in public and private programs that address the needs of the youngest children. As a Dominican graduate, you’ll be prepared not only for your first job in this rising field but also for a lifetime of intellectual and professional competence. Our alumni work across the United States in a remarkable range of educational settings. They connect with young children in important and lasting ways, developing their talents and expanding their capacity for intellectual, social and personal growth.

Amazing opportunities

Our alumni often return to Dominican to share their knowledge with current students or to further expand their career options. The School of Education offers a Master of Arts in Education and a Master of Science in Special Education. The university works to ensure that academic commitment, not family wealth, opens its doors. More than 95% of our students receive financial aid. Education students also are eligible for special grants from the Illinois Future Teachers Corps Program, the Minority Teachers of Illinois Scholarship Program, and the TEACH Grant Program. We’ll be happy to assist you through the application process.

More than 30% of Chicago-area children speak a language other than English at home. Knowing a language such as Spanish or Italian will expand your professional options. You can study either or both at Dominican.

Erin Foley

Early Childhood Education Graduate

“My faculty advisor worked with me to create an ideal class schedule that enabled me to complete an internship and participate in extracurricular activities. I also made great
friends at Dominican. It’s challenging, but it’s also fun.”