American studies is the oldest and most established interdisciplinary field in the humanities. It helps students ask and answer critical questions about American society and culture. American studies is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding a multicultural society. The major prepares students for careers in education, law, politics, public service, urban planning, cultural institutions, journalism, and social work.

American studies is one of the most flexible majors offered at Dominican. Providing a truly liberal arts and sciences experience, the major offers students the opportunity to take courses from multiple disciplines and focus on specific themes in American studies including the urban experience, the African-American experience or popular culture.

As a minor, American studies offers students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of American society and culture as it relates to their major field of study. For example, an American Studies minor could support students majoring in Environmental Science, Nutrition Science or Pastoral Ministry by providing a deeper context for understanding America's complex relationship with its natural resources, changing food consumption patterns or modern American Catholic culture.

As freshmen, students are required to take Introduction to American Studies. In their senior year, students are required to take a 400-level Capstone course, that includes project-oriented research. Projects will be considered for the school's annual URSCI Expo (Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Investigations) held in April.

Career Opportunties

The American studies and history majors provide students with flexible career options. While some students pursue graduate or professional studies, others seek work in many diverse fields. Following are some examples:

  • Customer service representative, H.G. Riehn Agency
  • Eighth grade teacher
  • Reporter, Chicago Tribune
  • Intern/archivist, NIU Archives Depository
  • Director of adult services, Warrenville Public Library
  • Chicago police officer
  • CEO, ADP Mortgage Funding
  • History teacher, Willowbrook High School
  • Real estate associate, Coldwell Banker
  • Psychotherapist, Mercy Center for Health Care Services
  • Assistant editor, Woodhaven Lakes Newspapers
  • Grant administrator, AIDS Project of the Ozarks
  • Apostolic volunteer
  • Faculty member, theatre arts department, Mankato State University, MN
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

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