Regalia orders were due by Monday, March 4, 2019.  The Stepan Bookstore did place extra orders.  Students should go directly to the Stepan Bookstore starting Tuesday, April 9 to pick up regalia.  If you wait until the last few weeks to pick up your regalia there may be an additional fee if a special order is required.  

Regalia Prices:

Bachelor Set Includes: Gown, Cap and Tassel  - $38 plus tax
Master  Set Includes: Gown, Hood, Cap and Tassel - $72 plus tax

If you do not need a complete set, you can stop in the Stepan Bookstore starting Tuesday, April 9 and purchase directly.

Bachelor Gown: $27 plus tax
Master Gown: $29 plus tax
Master Hood: $31 plus tax
Cap: $7 plus tax
Tassel: $4.50 plus tax

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