Regalia orders should be placed by Saturday, February 29th.  When placing your order, you can either have shipped to your home for an additional cost or pick up in the Stepan Bookstore. Regalia pick up with start on Tuesday, April 14th.  Students should go directly to the Stepan Bookstore to pick up regalia.  If you do not pre-order, the the Stepan Bookstore will have extra inventory.  Additional fees may be added for late orders.

Pre-Order you Regalia Today!  

Regalia Prices:

Bachelor Set Includes: Gown, Cap and Tassel  - $38 plus tax
Master  Set Includes: Gown, Hood, Cap and Tassel - $72 plus tax

If you do not need a complete set, you can stop in the Stepan Bookstore starting Tuesday, April 9 and purchase directly.

Bachelor Gown: $27 plus tax
Master Gown: $29 plus tax
Master Hood: $31 plus tax
Cap: $7 plus tax
Tassel: $4.50 plus tax

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