Josephine De Kármán Fellowship Trust
  • For Ph. D and undergraduate senior students whose academic work match late professor Von Kármán's high standards
  • Highly competitive
  • Amount: $22,000 and $14,000
Institute for Humane Studies Scholarship
  • For any graduate and undergraduate juniors and senior students interested in the classical liberal tradition
  • Amount: $2,000-15,000


Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, Inc.
  • The Alliance Scholarship Partners network offers scholarships to high school seniors with a National Portfolio gold, silver and national vision& voices medals. This is the first of four eligibility criteria.
  • Amount: $250 - Full Tuition


American General Career Distribution Group Scholars
  • Call (615) 320-3149 and ask for the Scholarship Program Administrator
  • California Alliance for Arts Education
  • Email or call (626) 817-6300 for an application


Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)
  • Scholarships available for all students


Dream Scholarship Fund
  • For any student who has immigrated in the US as a child.
  • Applicant must have successfully graduated from High School (or is within one semester of doing so) and intends to seek higher education at a U.S. college or university in their area of residence.
  • Eligible applicants do not qualify for in-state tuition.
  • GPA Required: 2.0 or higher
  • Deadline: May 1


Salvadoran-American Leadership & Education Fund
  • For low income students either graduating from High school and pursuing higher education. Applicants are required to have community involvement in their portfolios.
  • GPA Required: 2.5 or higher


Sears Craftman Scholarship - Call (626) 250-2427 for an application
  • TELACU Education Foundation - Call (323) 721-1655 for an application