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Innovate pedagogically and programmatically to maximize our students’ potential.
2020 Tactics
  • RCAS launched interdisciplinary courses in collaboration with Student Success and Engagement, e.g. Blueprint for College Success.
  • Completion of New Program Launch policy on academic program innovation.
  • Significant revisions made to academic programs including MEd, MS in Information Management, MBA, Theatre Arts, Corporate Communications, MA in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.
  • Expansion of Bachelor of Professional Studies into new majors.
  • Brennan School of Business redesigned graduate education with “mix and match modules” to deliver executive education and a redesigned/shorter MBA.
  • New cohort of undergraduate and graduate faculty in a research community working on curriculum innovation and reform (summer 2020 through spring 2021). The psychology department is innovating across its major in six courses. Other disciplines/programs in the cohort are: Criminology, Critical Reading Writing and Speaking, Education, Fashion, Management, Marketing, Social Work, and Transitions.

2020 Progress Points

Challenges/Areas of 2021 Focus
  • Enrollment of adult students.