As a community that aspires to radical hospitality fostering belonging, the student leaders and professional staff go out to the campus, our local community, and the world from our home in the University Ministry Center.

The Four Pillars

Our community is guided by the Four Pillars. More than 800 years ago, St. Dominic encouraged all those he encountered to live a life dedicated to the Holy Preaching. This was not an abstract call to deeper faithfulness, but an invitation to a way of life. Over time, the Dominican Order began to understand four different facets of this Preaching—Prayer, Study, Community and Service. Those qualities, now named the Four Pillars, connect every aspect of daily living through the power of the Spirit.


We strive to both build and support community through outreach and contemplation. Retreats, interfaith programs, and social events are some of the ways that University Ministry builds a diverse and inclusive community.


At the heart of ministry is relationship and we seek to serve others compassionately and interpersonally.  We also seek to create structural change so that our communities and institutions can be more just. Join us for a one-time service opportunity, a week-long immersion, or an awareness program in which we learn about and act to create a more just and humane world!


Saint Catherine of Siena wrote, "If you are who you should be you will set the world on fire." Study enables us to set the world on fire by creating individuals who know themselves, God, and others more deeply.


Participating in communal prayer and contemplative practices help us learn and grow in faith and understanding. Through dynamic celebrations of the Roman Catholic Mass, rich interfaith prayer experiences and dialogues, regular contemplative experiences on the University's two labyrinths, and the companionship of retreats, the diversity and depth of our heritage can be experienced in so many ways.

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