Welcome to Dominican University! 

It is often said that hospitality is a characteristic marker of the Dominican community. In fact, our founder, Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, giving direction to the first members of the faculty said, “Make school as much like home as possible.” So, we hope you will come to feel at home in this Dominican family with a storied tradition, global reach and urgent contemporary mission. 

You may already know our mission statement: “As a Sinsinawa Dominican sponsored institution, Dominican University prepares students to pursue truth, give compassionate service, and participate in the creation of a more just and humane world.” The conviction at the heart of the Dominican Order and central to the Catholic worldview is that God has graced the human person with two avenues to truth—faith and reason, or in the Dominican parlance, prayer and study. We believe that the work of the university—the pursuit of truth—is a sacred and holy thing. And that the education available here empowers our graduates to discover their gifts and fulfill their life’s purpose.  It prepares them not only for success in their careers, but for protecting the dignity of others and realizing the common good. Or as Dominican Saint Catherine of Siena put it, “If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire.”

I hope you will explore all that this community has to offer, and all that you might become.

Claire Noonan, DMin
Vice President for Mission and Planning