If you need photography of Dominican people, places and events, OMC maintains an album of stock campus photography on our Flickr page. If you can't find what you're looking for there, contact Ryan Pagelow for more specific options.

If you need original photography of your event, we can help you. Here are options available to you:

  • Photography on campus during normal working hours​ can be requested by emailing, but is subject to the availability of staff.
  • For off-hours events, student photographers employed by OMC may be available.
  • We have negotiated a rate of $125/hour with a few professional photographers in the area, who can be booked for your event, subject to availability.​​​​​​

OMC produces videos that are geared toward recruitment. Unfortunately we do not have the equipment or personnel necessary to film most university events or functions. However, if you have an idea for a video that you think will appeal to prospective students, please contact Ryan Pagelow.

The DU Creative Media Lab is an office focused on creating multimedia for academic and archival purposes, including recording of lectures and other university events. Submit video requests to the Creative Media Lab or watch CML's videos.

For access to OMC’s video library, visit Vimeo or contact Ryan Pagelow for an expanded list of videos.