Winter Wonderland

snow_pictFor the first time this year, snow finally made it’s way to Dominican University while I was here to see it. I think that this school is most beautiful when covered in white and walking to class seems like less of a burden when my feet feel snow below them. It’s almost as Dominican was built with snow in mind, because the school never looks more natural than it does right now. I almost hope that the snow takes it’s sweet time to melt away, because I want to enjoy the pretty picture that is snowy Dominican.

While commuters might complain about having to shovel ice out of their driveways, and scraping snow off their windshields every morning, I’m sure that they find it a little more worth it to be driving their car to Dominican, where the snow radiates off the Gothic architecture like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

While juniors and seniors might have gotten used to a snowy campus by now, I can’t imagine walking around at Dominican like it wasn’t one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever seen.                                      

snow, winter