A Trip to Downtown Chicago

I worked my first Institutional Advancement Phonathon shift last week. Whenever I talk to people about calling alumnae/i to obtain donations, they say they could never sit in a boardroom for three hours with a phone in-hand. I personally enjoy calling Dominican graduates to update their information and tell them about upcoming events on campus. I always ask for Annual Fund donations at the end of the conversation. Doing so otherwise would not be polite or successful.

On Wednesday some of my fellow Greek Civilization course mates and I took the Green Line downtown to explore the Art Institute. We wisely chose to go on a free day, which falls on the first and third Wednesday of each month. We put our scholar-caps on as we observed Ancient Greek and Roman art. After we  finished taking notes, we enjoyed the miniatures room, a permanent exhibit at the institute which showcases scaled-down rooms from various time periods.

Supper was enjoyed at Bennigan’s, across the street from the Art Institute. I savored a burger topped with bacon, cheddar, thin onion rings, lettuce and tomato, along with Guinness sauce on the side. My mouth is watering right now.

Taking the “L” downtown is quick and easy. When you are with a group of friends, then it is even better. Other passengers enjoy glancing over if you are having a peculiar conversation. One of my classmates noticed a tiger patch on then man’s jeans, who was standing beside her. She commented on the cool patch to the rest of us. The man looked confused and put-off by hearing the comment, probably because she failed to directly compliment him. Another girl who was with me noticed a man sitting not far from us who could not help but chuckle at our conversation. Like any group of college students, we were talking about our classes and related professors and our plans for the weekend.