Tracy Jennings

Office & Location:
Fine Arts 090
Office Phone:
(708) 524-6633

Job Title

Department Chair, Apparel; Professor


Tracy Jennings has served as chair of the Apparel Department for over 10 years. She teaches courses in apparel design, textile science, and portfolio development. She incorporates years of experience as a patternmaker and designer of women’s career wear into her classes. Her research interests include aspects of fashion and design related to creativity, technology, and sustainability. She authored the book Creativity in Fashion Design: An Inspiration Workbook with Fairchild Books, a Bloomsbury publication. She has presented several original garments, including Salvaging Selvages, Trencadis Reimagined, and Gaudi Glass in juried design exhibitions. She recently received an Innovations in Cotton award from Cotton, Inc. for the design Fun with Stripes. Her design presentation Shades of Chanel is included in Reilly, Miller-Spillman, and Hunt-Hurst’s Meanings of Dress. Professor Jennings is a member of the International Textile and Apparel Association, where she has acted as chair of the Design Awards committee, American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, Fashion Group International, and the Apparel Industry Board.


EdD, MS Northern Illinois University


  • Apparel Design
  • Textile Science
  • Senior Collection
  • Computer-aided Design
  • Specialty Markets
  • Portfolio Development
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Seminar