Tracy Caldwell

Office & Location:
Parmer 202
Office Phone:
(708) 488-5113

Job Title

Associate Professor - Psychology


PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago


Caldwell, T.L., Cervone, D., & Rubin, L. (2008). "Explaining intra-individual variability in social behavior through idiographic assessment: The case of humor." Journal of Research in Personality, 42, 1229-1242.

Cervone, D., & Caldwell, T.L. (2008). "From measurement theory to psychological theory, in reverse." Measurement: Interdisciplinary Research and Perspectives, 6, 84-88.

Cervone, D., Caldwell, T.L., Fiori, M., Orom, H., Shadel, W.H., Kassel, J., & Artistico, D. (2008) "What underlies appraisals?: Experimentally testing a knowledge-and-appraisal model of personality architecture among smokers contemplating high-risk situations." Journal of Personality, 76, 929-968.

Stevenson, M.C., & Caldwell, T.L. (in press) "Personality in juror decision-making: Toward an idiographic approach in research." Law and Psychology Review.

Her recent conference presentations include:

Caldwell, T.L., & Eberwein, D. (2009, May) Toward an understanding of why men don't like funny women. Poster presented at annual meeting of the American Psychological Society, San Francisco, CA.

Caldwell, T.L., & Beausoleil, R. (2010, May). An examination of sex differences in humor preferences among users. Poster to be presented at annual meeting of the American Psychological Society, Boston, MA.


  • Introductory Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Research Methods and Statistics
  • Psychology of Gender
  • Theories of Personality