A Theologian in the Business World

Ever since my sophomore year of high school I have wanted to worked for the Catholic Church in some capacity. For most of my high school career I was a Peer Ministry Team member with my home parish Corpus Christi. I enjoy sharing my faith with others, giving witness talks, leading small group discussions, and staying 30 minutes or so after the weekly youth group meeting to talk to the youth director. Going deeper and deeper into my Catholic faith has given my life lasting meaning. When I was shopping for a college I was only looking at private Catholic institutions. I told myself that I was meant to be a high school youth director, university minister, Theology teacher or professor, or even enter the religious life with the Dominicans, the Franciscans, or the local diocese. Thus I am a Theology major. Some notable professors who have helped me to feel comfortable in this major include Allison Gray, Fr. Richard Woods, and Kathy Heskin. The story does not end there, since I am also majoring in Corporate Communications. Ever since high school my writings and speaking abilities have been great. My freshman of high school of I was in the theatre production Lute Song, in which I played a wise monk. If I was not antsy during most of the production then I probably would be a theatre major now, but that was not in the cards. Since I was good at giving witness talks in my church youth group, along with an interest in the business world, I thought the Corporate Communications major would be a good fit. I want to know how organizational communications work on the inside, between departments, and then outside with other organizations. I am intrigued by marketing and advertising strategies, along with how communication can effectively take place in a multicultural business world. Professors Renato Bacci, Jennifer Dunn, and Frank Marcello have beneficially impacted my time here at Dominican University. On a side note, I am looking forward  to going on an Alternative Break Immersion trip to Kansas City, Missouri for Spring Break. We are taking a 10-hour long mega-bus ride and are staying at the Cherith Brook Catholic Worker community center. The eight students (including myself) and university minister Matt Palkert will have a truly memorable Spring Break.  

Catholic Church, Dominicans, Franciscans, Frank Marcello, Jennifer Dunn, Peer Ministry Team, Renato Bacci