Ten Things I LOVE about Dominican

1)    The people here are amazing. They are extremely friendly and always try to include others. They are some of the kindest, most talented and inspirational people that I know. I always said that the academics made me chose Dominican but the people made me stay.

2)    It looks like a castle. I am perpetually in awe of how beautiful it is here. In winter it looks like a white, sparkly paradise; in spring it looks like a medieval palace. There are so many wonderful parts of this school to explore (we even have a secret garden! More on that later…).

3)    The nutrition lab. If you are a nutrition, food science or Culinology major, you will have the pleasure of working in the new Parmer kitchen. It is beautiful and spacious and it makes you feel like you’re on Food Network.

4)    There is always something going on. I’m writing this as Student Involvement kicks off International Week. Middle Eastern music is drifting from the Social Hall and students are gathering to sample food and learn about other countries and cultures.

5)    The Ministry Center. Some of my favorite people on campus work in University Ministry. The four staff members are wonderful, kind people. They oversee the group of students on the university’s ministry team. The students organize religious events, social gatherings, retreats and community service efforts. University Ministry also offers several retreats and trips, which are always a blast. The Ministry Center is like the university’s living room, where students can come to relax, study, or work. There are always smiling faces and delicious snacks to be had inside.

6)    The SIRC. This stands for Student Involvement Resource Center and it is one of my favorite places on campus. It is jam-packed with crafting supplies and students are in and out all day making posters, flyers, and working on various projects. It is a great place to de-stress, chat with friends and be creative.

7)    River Forest is a beautiful place and the area has a lot to offer. I enjoy running through the neighborhood in the warmer months and taking snowy walks during the winter. Oak Park is within walking distance and has almost every restaurant imaginable, in addition to a bunch of cute shops and a movie theater.

8)    The library. It has a giant spiral staircase and four levels of books and study space. There are a bunch of quiet little corners to sit and study or meet with a group. My favorite is the 4th floor—it has giant windows that let in the sun and lots of comfortable couches. It is a great place to camp out on a quiet winter afternoon.

9)    Free food. There is always free food! Last week, Student Involvement gave out free Crush sodas for Valentine’s day, there was cookie decorating in the dining hall, free pizza in the Career Development office, free pie in the Ministry Center, and now there is free ethnic food for International Week!

10) Dominican has a wonderful motto: Caritas et Veritas (Love and Truth). The faculty, staff and students put this motto into action in many ways. There are many service opportunities to participate in, from feeding the homeless in downtown Chicago to building houses in Georgia to mentoring grade school students. The people here care deeply about others and they make it known in everything they do.

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